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October 16, 2012

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007 Legends for the PS3 enables Daniel Craig to take on various assignments from the pick of the Bond Films, leaving out a few less popular titles.

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007 Legends for the PS3 enables Daniel Craig to take on various assignments from the pick of the Bond Films, leaving out a few titles such as Die Another Day and Moonraker which are generally considered the least favorite of the ever popular series. The game takes the best elements or sections of these top Bond films and allows the player to replicate the action in a gaming environment.

The gameplay in 007 Legends could be compared to the previous title Goldeneye Reloaded, and the graphics are almost identical in quality. The interaction with players will not overwhelm you, but if you are an avid bond fan there is much to be played and enjoyed here. However this time round, they have improved on the awful combat controls and weapon aiming which plagued the last title, making this so much more engaging than the previous encounter with the Bond series.

During the campaign missions you have the ability to upgrade the Bond character as well as an extensive array of weapons which can be obtained during gameplay and which can also be updated as the missions progress. I suppose you have to ask yourself are you a Bond fan, if you are then this title may live up to your expectations, there are some pretty cool missions with scenes such as the one with the snowmobiles in which there are intense firefights as you ski down the mountain being pursued by them, and the Fort Knox battle in Goldfinger where the battle against wave after wave of enemies takes place.

There is also a multiplayer option in 007 Legends which has various modes of play, one example would be the Legends mode, and this mode allows gamers to take on the role of various bond characters which each have unique weapons at there disposal. I suppose in the end there are only so many which can be played before repetition sets in and the overall experience in this mode online becomes limited. There are other modes online which are more befitting.

Granted it may not have the overall intense graphics of various rival games, but I feel that with this new Bond title we see elements of Bond coming back to true form, as originally seen in such classic Bond titles such as The Man with the Golden Gun.

Those that enjoy Bond in general will be able to forgive the slight glitches and occasional sound issues which sometimes appear during heavy combat. Overall a much improved Bond experience.

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Mar 12, 2014

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Release Date:

October 16, 2012

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