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April 24, 2006

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2006 FIFA World Cup introduces a new game mode called Global Challenge that will test even the most hardcore gamer. Global Challenge re-creates classic moments in FIFA World Cup history for fans to tackle. Compare your results with history and measure yourself against the world's best. Take control of 1 of 125 national teams and play against friends in up to eight-way multiplayer matches. Track your results in The Lounge to create your own rankings and earn rewards. EA Sports has included a plethora of in-game unlockable content such as legendary players and exclusive apparel that will make this game a coveted collectable for soccer fans.

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There are lots of different gameplay styles to choose from with FIFA 2006. Players can choose to play a quick match, online, a practice session, a challenge scenario, a penalty shoot-out, and, of course, through the entire World Cup. Once youÂ’ve selected a type of game, good luck picking from the 125 available teams. If you donÂ’t pick one of the top 32, you can choose to play through the qualifying process for the area, or automatically advance the team to the top 32.

Gameplay in FIFA 2006 will find you scoring lots of goals on goalkeepers, if you can manage to get away from the defenders. Generally, the play is easy to pick up, with controls similar to previous versions, though that can be switched to the Konami Pro Evolution controller scheme. In addition, each player has their own skill moves that can be pulled off. Generally, pulling off the basic moves of passing and shooting wonÂ’t do it for you, though, youÂ’ll need to learn some of the more advanced moves that are available to you before your players will really be devastating on the field.

As you play through the game, youÂ’ll end up picking up points for completing some of the more-than 200 objectives that are available to complete. These points go towards purchasing different players, balls, and other things to enhance play, such as additional AI options. The bonuses are nice, but seem to be lacking in the thoughtfulness the designers put into them. For example, though you can buy five different kinds of balls from the store in between matches, you canÂ’t really notice the change very much on the field. Similarly, though there are historic players in the game, there arenÂ’t a lot of them. A few more with all the licenses this game has would have been nice.

Other than the World Cup tournament, there are also challenges that can be completed to earn you points. These are past matches where you have to accomplish some goal; usually performing as well as the original team did, in order to complete the challenge.

The game offers a wide array of multiplayer options, either online where you have to find opponents in lobbyÂ’s, or offline with multiple controls. Fortunately, lag wasnÂ’t a problem in the online matches, for the most part, though a little bit did affect games here and there.

Even though the online system is a little bit dated in relation to current online game methodology, it still seems to work for the most part. Other than that small issue, everything in FIFA World Cup: Germany 2006 is a standout. The attention to detail that was paid come together to make this a beautiful game.

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April 24, 2006

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