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April 27, 2010

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2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa captures the sights and sounds of the world's greatest football competition. The EA Sports development team has worked closely with FIFA to ensure absolute accuracy, from the make-up of the squads, to the stadiums used for each match, right down to the entrance music as the players take to the pitch. While realism runs right through the game, you have the option of creating your own FIFA World Cup groups from the teams available. You can also embark on a full qualification campaign as any of the 199 national teams recognised by FIFA.

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2010 FIFA World PS3 World CUP season is back in stunning form, EA Sports has come up with yet another soccer game which gaming fans for sure will appreciate. This year, along with 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, comes another event from FIFA, the release of a new soccer game entitled the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The new game depicts and presents some of the great soccer action seen in FIFA 10. Together with the right combination of mechanical and aesthetic innovations, it is a game that can definitely stand on its own with features of the world’s most popular sport event. It delivers excitement and exhilaration better than any other sporting games ever created.

The game runs under the same engine of FIFA 10 that offers crisp motions from the graphics to the movements. Infusing the World Cup fever to the game, it produces somewhat of everything a World Cup experience is all about. With the presence of a raucous crowd, coaches on the sideline and amazing player moves, the gameplay is magnificent. However, there are some features of the game that does not sit too well compared to its original gameplay. It shows off too much of the World Cup stadium atmosphere, which makes game sometimes a bit annoying. Beyond these minor concerns, the game has realistically captured the real-time flow of the World Cup season.

The features, design and gameplay all fall into place in depicting an awesome 2010 World Cup experience. Everything is World Cup, from the mascot to the facts presented in the loading screen and down to the game itself. There are many gameplay innovations presented in the game. A fine-tuned penalty kick system that adds more control for the user is a welcome change. Additional features also include playing the qualifying tournament with the 199 team present. You can select one team and bring your team to glory. Trying out the qualifying mode also presents a challenge for you to rewrite history.

Another altered feature in the game is that you get to play as Captain of any country of your choice. The player assumes only one player on the field, and you have the option to create one or you can use an existing player. The camera angles are definitely better than FIFA.

The modifications really improved the game, the player’s actions and reactions are better than FIFA 10, with the players making strong and smart runs. This actually makes the game more realistic. Adding to the enormous fun of the game is the noticeable improvement of typically boring commentators.

The biggest issue in this game is the game sliders, as users could not alter or change the game experience. The noticeable absence of gameplay simulations of the World Cup is also disappointing.

All in all, the game is very strong but it totally lacks the versatility that any user usually looks for in a video game. Try to use different teams in head to head battles to enjoy the added features of this game. You can also try playing online if you do not want to challenge the world on your own. At least it would break the somewhat monotonous tone.

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April 27, 2010

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