2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa - Wii

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April 27, 2010

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2010 FIFA World Cup features non-stop football action that pits you against friends or the CPU in head-to-head challenges utilizing the Strike It System. Shake the Wii Remote perfectly in order to either score or defend free-kicks, penalties, and corners, creating frantic competition on the pitch. Even goal kicks have been enhanced to showcase one-on-one battles." Compete in a multiplayer, knockout-style tournament against up to 3 friends in Global Elimination. Draft and strategically select countries to play as, create alliances and gang-up on rivals until only one player is crowned champion.

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The latest edition of FIFA 2010 World Cup is now making its way to Wii. The game has invested much on colorful characters and models, with wonderful on pitch player physics and some out of this world slow-mo effects. It really emphasizes the all important cool and awesome effect to gamers.

The game play is still old school with only eight directions available for movement. Anyone can figure out how the game is played. And the best feature that they have added is the momentum meter. The effectiveness is determined by the meter. As you work up the ball on the field to a better position, the meter goes up; and the higher the meter the better shot you have on the goal. If the meter is half full, and then you make a strike on the ball, you acquire a fantastic Ala-Matrix slow-mo effect. As one may observe, the gameplay is easy. FIFA 10 on Wii is a very good game for those who want to have that old school arcade-style fun.

And parallel to the gameplay, the graphics are also kid friendly. Bright colors are found everywhere and the player models look cartoon like. But many would probably prefer to have some realistic look incorporated to the game. Adaptability in the animations would have been a great addition.

But alongside these very appealing and attractive features, the game also has flaws and disappointments. First, the cool effect of the slow-mo is only good the first few times you see it. Afterwards, it gets a little boring. Moreover, the momentum builder can easily be used every time a team makes it across three fourths of the field. It would have been better if the slow-mo feature is saved for really special shots. This way its novelty is not diminished and it is more fun for gamers when they attain such.

With regards to the gameplay, it is somewhat difficult to make effective runs; and it's even more difficult to turn the corner when somebody put up their defense against you. The creators of the game should have incorporated the 360 degree movement in FIFA 10 on PS3. Its absence is not beneficial to a good soccer game. Of course, it is understood that such feature can only be effective in high def visuals and is not possible on Wii, but there must be a way to make a player run a circle.

Another thing that bothers is the pass movements here are somewhat inaccurate. It's difficult to weave passes through the defense because you cannot properly determine the power of your pass via the controls. In the past, when you hold down the button, the power of the pass increases. However, holding the button down in this format results in a through ball. Often times, the player you want to pass the ball to do not detect it. Thus, the AI of the entire team should also be considered as subject for improvement.

The main thing to remember is that FIFA 10 is made especially to cater to hardcore gamers that want the game to be as close as reality. The target market for the game is those that want to have fun, arcade style! - the type of game that people play with their family and friends; not caring about the details. All that matters is the gun the game offers. The most important thing to them is FUN, FUN, and FUN!

FIFA 10 World Cup is recommended to this type of people or group. And those that want the real thing must we wary of the above sighted observations in the game.

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Jan 19, 2014

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April 27, 2010

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