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May 11, 2010

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Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer will deliver a wealth of new content and features for players across several level ranges, all set in the fading eastern empire of Khitai - a mysterious and fabled setting within the world of Hyboria. Embark on the most savage, sexy and brutal Conan adventure yet as you descend into the shadows that have fallen over Khitai, the fabled empire of the east! Ride across the grassy steppes and see the purple pagodas of Paikang rising from the vine-choked bamboo jungles. Unravel the corruption that threatens to taint the very heart of this beautiful land forever.

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I remember in 2008 Conan: Hyborian Adventures was one of my favorite online RPG's, which had stunning graphics and brilliant environments, for the time. I was pretty excited when this game was released and my expectations were very high. If you are looking to build up your characters, as you once did; this game really does have a lot to offer to die hard RPG fans. However there is some tedious gameplay, which does seem a little redundant at times; this violent game has plenty to offer, as you smear blood all around and service the Aquilonian king, once again.

The first thing I was hoping for was maybe a couple more classes or maybe an increased level, that was not capped. Age of Conan: Rise of The Godslayer did not handle any of my requests, but in its defense it does have a new race, the "Khitan". Doesn't really change the story that much in the first twenty levels, but once you travel it does heat up. You will start in your home Khital, but if you would rather play in the level twenty to forty zone, "The Gateway to Khital" (with a previous character), you have the option of playing as a caravan master, which will transfer you there without any attributes lost. What is better is you can offer your services by doing various quests as a way of paying him. It really serves as a good introduction before you dive deep into the "Gateway's Wilds."

So has the game mechanics changed any? Well, not really why would they change that in an expansion anyway. Age of Conana fans are going to be able to enjoy all the same battles and quests that you once did. For instance, you will need to kill off a specified number of enemies, collect various objects located around the map, free the people held captive. You will be able to team up with Hykranian archers, wild yaks (LOL), strange monsters, which are called "Kang Zai", along with various others that are spotted all around the interactive world.

What I like about this game is once you reach level eighty the game lets you explore new areas which were locked prior to leveling up to level eighty. This could be anything from various dark dungeons to the grassy Gateways which are home to various unique factions. In Age of Conan: Rise of The Godslayer you will be doing various tasks for them, but be careful who's side you decide to help because it will cause tensions to arise amongst various factions. Without ruining it, the quests are pretty engaging and you actually earn tiger and wolf mounts, which are pretty cool. You will actually get pretty enveloped into various factions’ beliefs, and the dialog is pretty interesting as well. What I really enjoyed was the new content, which could be anything from blowing up bridges to slaughtering prisoners. However, it does get a little repetitive on the 15th time through, but there are no complaints from me on that aspect of the game.

Grouping with other players is probably another favorite part of this game. You can even be paired with good players and the bosses and quest are quite challenging. I consider myself to be a pro and even I had some trouble with a lot of the quest. For instance, fighting a giant golem takes a highly trained team, and a bit of luck and skill, at times. It does suck when you get stuck with a group of idiots that don't know what they are doing. I love the 6 man dungeon, in which you will even find a boss that barfs and puts out gas…lol.

The gameplay is highly addictive and you will always find yourself seeking more and more armor, weapons, and upgrades (as like most good RPG's.). The advancement system is well thought out. For instance, the player versus player combat or player vs environment allows you to spend your points. Even if you don't play as much as your guild members you can unlock these perks and feats in realtime. It does take awhile to unlock them, but once you do it is very rewarding.

In conclusion this is a fantastic game with tons of beautifully designed environments, dungeons, quest, bosses, upgrades, multiplayer capabilities, ect. Die hard Age of Conan fans will love this expansion pack and this game certainly packs a punch! I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a good RPG they can play online. I actually prefer it over World of Warcraft.

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May 11, 2010

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