Age of Empires III: The War Chiefs PC User Review

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With this expansion pack, Age of Empires III Warchiefs introduces the Native American tribes. Unlike the previous European civilizations, the Native American factions have unique battle units and cultural characteristics. The New World is divided into three factions, the Iroquois, the Sioux and the Aztecs. It must be said that, unlike some other titles in the series, this one makes no pretense at historical accuracy.

The Aztecs are characterized by their fast-moving and strong infantry units, the jaguar knights. Although they may not have horse infantry their troops are able to launch fast attacks. Sioux tribe on the other hand specializes on training horse units which enables them to strike in an almost lightning fast assault. They also have an unlimited population cap which makes the tribe large in number. Then the Iroquois, this tribe have unusual nifty features, which may seem funny. A huge bonfire gives them powers when dancers are assigned to dance around it. They may look like a cult praying for power. All these three tribes battle each other and other civilizations in real life maps and terrains.

There are lots of in-game modifications introduced in this new expansion. There are the spies who allow players to sneak through their enemy lines and look at its operations. Players must be conscious of staying hidden behind their walls, who knows, a spy might just be anywhere. The revolution mode, another addition, turns the whole population into a powerful militia, a double-bladed option. However powerful this option is, it holds the disadvantage of risking the whole tribe's survival if ever you fail to beat the enemy. The enemy will easily smother the whole tribe into the ground without any opposition.

There are no major changes with regards to the graphic and audio settings as they are already superior. The gameplay and its core remain intact and fun-filled. Unique buildings and structures of the Native American tribes (pyramids and tepee) accentuate the rich graphic content of the game.

To conclude, the Warchiefs expansion deepens the strategic component of the game. It further moves to greater heights the need for effective strategies to conquer the empires. This Age of Empires expansion is highly recommended for all game lovers.