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September 15, 2009


Age of Empires III: Complete Collection allows you to establish a civilization from the ground up. From humble beginnings, you will build your empire with new buildings and constant expansion. You will also conquer any surrounding empires by training a tough and menacing army. This iteration of the beloved game has a variety of new mechanics and beautiful graphics that make the strategy game more enjoyable as you make your way through the lands. While it is a game, it will also help you learn about new cultures and how certain civilizations lived and thrived. The complete collection gives you hours of addictive gameplay.

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Age of Empires III: Complete Collection continues with the legacy set forth by the groundbreaking real-time strategy franchise.

The game continues the timeline used by the previous Age of Empires I and II. Having already campaigned through the dawn of civilization into the Roman Empire and later through the mid-evil times and the age of kings, Age of Empires III journeys through from the age of discovery to the age of imperialism. Included is the industrial revolution, the discovery of the new world, and the mass use of firearms.

The complete PC edition also includes the games two expansion packs: The War Chiefs and The Asian Dynasty’s. The War Chiefs expansion offers the use of Aztecs, Iroquois, and Sioux and includes the addition of new resources and home city options. India, China, and Japan were included on the Asian Dynasties expansion and the ability to export resources for cash and hire foreign troops as mercenaries. Also included is the ability to eventually build a wonder.

Just as the technology evolves through these ages of civilization, Ensemble Studios brought forth a stunning new graphics and physics engines. The details are beautifully at work amongst the explosions resulting from the new cannons and new musket fire. In addition, the game has a detailed naval element, which includes some beautiful water effects and an authentic shoreline that includes crashing wave display.

Age of Empires III sets itself apart from other real time strategy games through the implementation of the home city feature. As the player advances in a particular game, they gain experience points that can be applied to benefits offered from the home city. Players can select from a deck of cards, unique to each civilization that will send amounts of resources and other benefits from the home city to the colony. Home cities begin with 15 cards and can be expanded to 20, as players gain experience the benefits improve as well.

Multiplayer uses the ES Online interface where opponents can not only search for death match and supremacy game types based on home-city attributes, but also includes clan modes, strategy tips, and other community related techniques. Multiplayer games can become long as players must advance through the various ages, but Age of Empires does allow players to begin matches at more advanced time periods.

The entire game is based off of the discovery and colonization of the new world. Age of Empires III allows you to pick Spanish, British, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, German, and the Ottoman. Another interesting feature is the use of Native American tribes as mercenaries, players can elect to trade and hire with the indigenous civilizations. As typical with the Age of Empires franchise, the civilizations are based off of the villager units who gather resources and construct buildings. In previous games the villager would make a return trip back from the mines or forests they were gathering resources from, in Age of Empires III the resources are automatically accredited to the player.

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September 15, 2009

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