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March 02, 2010

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In Alice in Wonderland, Alice is bored, sitting on the riverbank as her sister reads a book that doesn’t even have any pictures in it. She looks around dreamily and suddenly sees the strangest thing... a rabbit in a riding coat, hurrying along with an eye on his watch. Fascinated, she follows the rabbit down his hole and finds herself in an incredible world, full of even more incredible characters. Help Alice explore her new world and find her way home. Follow the white rabbit to the strangest places. Zoom in or out to discover mysterious passageways, and speak with crazy characters to find the way home.

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Yet another Movie-based video game with its own attitude hoping to win the approval of gamers Alice in Wonderland mixes the puzzle solving aspect and a bit of action and adventure to spice things up a bit.

Although the game is named Alice in Wonderland and you would hope to play as Alice, you do take the role of Alice’s allies and guardians being animals that can talk and have special abilities. As guardians of Alice, you need to make sure that Alice does not fall into the hands of the queen and her army as well as her imagination-generated stalker.

In game, you get to control 3 characters that have various skills and abilities that can be handy in a given situation. For instance, when a card appears and hopes to take Alice, you need to switch use the mouse, which is a swordsman, and fight the queen’s minion. This is a wonderful touch to the game as it gets more challenging than the usual adventure movie-based game.

The puzzles presented in the game are not too hard to solve and are not too easy to fix. This is enough to get your creative juices flowing but adequate to hold you from banging your head on the wall for too much stress from trying to solve them. The difficulty of the puzzles and the game in general ascend in a nice fashion as you can slowly adapt to the difficulty and still enjoy the rest of the game. Not to mention that the controls are easy and you do not need to practice to get things done.

I do not want to sound harsh, but the game does suffer from a few pitfalls. For instance, the camera angle is poorly adjusted. When you need a better view of things you cannot trust the camera to do it for you.

The controls are simple and many gamers loved that aspect. However, the combat aspect of the game is repetitive and it’s all about button mashing to win against an opponent. The attacks are too simple and variation is a thing that we would like to see.

The graphics are nice and astonishing in some parts but at some portions they are totally lame. The frame rate also suffers in some stages of the game and Alice in Wonderland did not utilize the full capability of the PC when it comes to graphics.

The multiplayer mode is also lame as you will get poor camera angles by the time the players separate their ways. In this case you need to stick together for most of the time which totally defeats the purpose of a multiplayer mode.

The game was promising in some parts and could have turn out to be more if some of the faults were fixed. Although we are not expecting a flawless game as no such thing exists, major faults should be fixed to ensure the great experience of the gamers. Bottom line I would pass on this game.

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Release Date:

March 02, 2010

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