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June 23, 2008

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Alone in the Dark is actually the fifth game in a series that dates back to 1992 and centers around the experiences of Edward "the reptile" Carnby. A paranormal investigator by trade, Carnby is looking for answers to the strange events and horrific creatures reported in and around the park, but gets more than he bargained for when all the mysteries and terrors of the park spill out over the course of one apocalyptic night. It’s the player’s task to avoid the new frightening dangers of the park as you search for the answers to what these supernatural occurrences mean and why they are happening.

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There's something strange and frightening happening in the middle of New York Citys Central Park; something whispered to have been intentionally kept secret; something that players are compelled ...
by Atari Inc.
Release Date: 11/30/-0001

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The player of Alone in the Dark will find himself with amnesia in the totally different New York City. The game started in Central Park which he will find clues to discover the mystery of the city. One of the most important features of the game is the itemization and the inventory process. The player will just be allowed to carry anything that will fit his pockets and belt. The player will be allowed to literally look at his pockets and jackets. This special feature creates a sense of security to the player that amidst the total darkness he still has the ability to fight.

All the things that the player puts in his pocket will be his weapons in killing the enemies. There are logical ways to use it such as a gas inside a bottle can make an explosion. But the purpose is to let the player think of more ideas from the things in his pockets to generate a more effective weapon. Putting lots of bullets inside a bottle, throwing it towards clustering monsters then shooting it in the air can surely make a deadly weapon. The creativity of the player is important to unravel the puzzles.

The only thing that can kill the monsters is fire. The player should not run out of fire all the time. He must get burning objects that can be chairs, stick, or a baseball bat. He can strike the monster using the flaming object. The player can set the attack by positioning the stick in the same direction then hit the enemy by clicking the flaming object from different direction. It is enjoyable to hit the monster again and again but the problems is there are times that the control is fiddly and the hit detector is not responding which can lead the player to lose the game.

The common but reliable weapon is the handgun with flaming bullets. Some weapons are illogical but it is effective in killing the monsters which can be killed only by hitting the specific scar left by their creator. There are also puzzles that don't involve killing which come out earlier or later in the game. There are also issues in maneuvering like getting inside the car, driving the car and when finding out the path away from burning and collapsing building.

The setting is not just the central park but there are also indoor events that are creatively made. Although the inconsistencies of the burning fire and some distorted faces of the characters can sometimes affect the performance of the player, the dramatic mode of the game compensates it. The good thing also is that the entire game is cut into different levels so the player can skip anytime and still have a summary of the game in every level. Though there are technicalities, still the game can provide good entertainment.

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June 23, 2008

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