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Animal Crossing Wild World on the Nintendo DS is a family friendly game full of cutesy cartoon animals. This game is a mixture of role-playing and life simulation. The game is a total repackaging as it is a crossover from the GameCube platform. New items have been added as well as new characters, new actions, and multiplayer online actions. These have made the crossover a successful one and they made the game seem like it has been made for the DS only.

You take on the role of a human moving to new place, the starting scene happens inside a cab, with the cad driver asking you a few questions which will ultimately determine your character's gender and appearance. The cab stops at the local shop where you meet the shopkeeper and he offers you a place to stay despite the fact that you lack the funds at that moment. You will have no choice but to accept the offer, making you indebted to him by a thousand bells and you must pay him back like the good citizen that you are.

In order for you to pay off the bills, you have to complete tasks, such tasks are as follows: catching fish and bugs, digging up fossils, and running errands for the local people. Only the fishing and bug catching actions requires skill, but only in a little amount. It's really a no brainer game. Improvements are evident for GameCube fans of the game as they can easily see fossils now; and during fishing, you just have to listen to a certain audio cue to pull in the line. The manners in which you know where to dig and fish has remained the same bugs appear above fossil sites, and fish silhouettes are evident in the water.

Animal Crossing is not all about tasks and bills; the main reward comes from the ability to customize and prettify your house and character, (after you have paid your dues to the shopkeeper, of course). You can obtain a variety of accessories to modify your house and make it your home in the DS world.

As simple as the game may seem, this is exactly the premise that will keep you checking on it on a daily basis. Every day there is something new to check out in the shop, and there are events and holidays to watch out for since special items will be available, only for that day.

The multiplayer system works via standard DS to DS connection, or though WiFi. Your friend can visit your house, and vice versa. From that point, you can initiate chat and do a variety of things. Overall a pretty good game.

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The game has many small animals like the bugs, fish, fossils and a collection of other small animals. The game too has online play. However the game has its weaknesses as well, the touch screen controls are not useful in this game and some other odd restrictions on the multiplayer feature are as well not useful. And the game is somehow dull with some of its activities which are kinda dull.

Animal crossing is a Nintendo game with beautiful cartoon animals. You would have to do manual jobs in this world for you to survive..In this game, you are the human being and you are moving to a new town. You will begin the game in a cab belonging to one Kapp’n and this man asks you a few questions and depending on how you answer these questions that is what will determine your gender and your appearance as well. When you get to this town you met the local shopkeeper, Tom Nook who as you will learn is the towns’ real estate tycoon and he gets you an expensive house despite the fact that you do not have the money for the house.

You owe this industrious tycoon several thousand bells and you should pay him immediately. Those who have seen the previous series of GameCube will be familiar with this scene. Some of the tasks are like catching fish, digging up fossils and running errands for the local people. You will however have to listen to some audio signal for you to be able to know when to pull back. Fish here appear as an outline in the water and that is easy because you are able to identify where to drop your line.

There are other tasks like watering flowers, which you will do using a watering can. It is also your duty to maintain the floral arrangement in the town, this however is not rewarding monetarily like other tasks. However the much work there is not what makes Animal Crossing a beautiful game. It is one of the means to make a living here as you settle the debt you owe the generous tycoon. You also follow up debts from the tycoons houses.

You will also be at the shop at times selling fish, bugs and fruits and anything else you can do to earn the bells you owe this man. You will also have to equip your house with some orange furniture, clothes and other items that are necessary for the house. However you cannot own all these items in a day, only a few items are available each day. The funny thing is that the list of the items changes each day this inspires you to work harder.

You will like the game as each day has something to look forward to for your items to fill up your house. That is the beauty of this game. In this town you will also find there are holidays which are like the real life holidays. These games will steal you from the reality of life but you will enjoy it because it is so adventurous and yet you will feel like you are in real life. It is simply intriguing.