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September 08, 2009

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Release Date: 01/12/2009


Arcade Zone features all of your favourite arcade and retro games and more! Score big, earn tickets, exchange for gifts, and keep playing. Take on the colourful resident arcade champion to become the ultimate arcade legend!

  • Unique and Fun Gaming Zones: Classic, Pirate, and Sci-Fi!
  • Play through all the games to unlock the Arcade Master Zone for a face-off with the resident arcade legend!
  • "Classic retro videogames" incorporated in each zone: Freeway, Atlantis, Megamania, and Kaboom! Beat the retro games and earn old-school patches
  • Each gaming zone requires you to help the vendor: blend smoothies, flip pizzas, and fry corn-dogs!
  • Play Games, Earn Tickets and Tokens then Exchange for Prizes!
  • Over 150 crazy prizes to win - from Chinese finger traps to hover-crafts!
  • Fun for the Whole Family!
  • Gameplay uses motion-sensing Wii Remote to capture all the fun of arcade games! Shoot basketballs and air hockey pucks, fire cannonballs at pirate ships, and much more!
  • Simultaneous multiplayer allows you to take on your buddies!
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Release Date:

September 08, 2009

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