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October 19, 2010

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Arcania: Gothic 4 is an action-heavy RPG in the vein of Oblivion, where a traditional fantasy setting provides the backdrop as players explore a world torn apart by civil war and constant battles against orcs. King Rhobar III managed to peacefully reunite most of the land, and he set sail for the Southern Islands in an attempt to finish the job. But during the journey, the king descended into madness, sending his close companions Diego, Gorn, Milten, and Lester into exile, and creating a power vacuum that once again led to war. The combat finds gamers unleashing a combination of attacks using melee weapons, ranged weapons, and sorcery; and the many villages, dungeons, fortresses, and castles scattered throughout the land.

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Arcania: Gothic 4 takes you ten years back after the story of Gothic 3; a new hero once again rules the whole exciting adventure of the torn realm of Myrtana (has a bunch of cool twist too). The game opens with the totally new fight and defence systems, assuming the role of the ever-erratic King Rhobar III – whose rule over his people is rapidly getting off-hand. Now isolated, the king faces the demonic forces.

Just like other game intros, the opening video scenes will darken then the game proper follows. It is evident that the graphic quality has been properly developed, fluid animation greets every player. Really it looks and feels pretty damn good. The camera spans flawlessly through the castle towns to the lush countryside and into the dungeons and caverns. This is fairly consistent throughout the game except for some minor animation glitches during teleportation on cinematic transitions.

Gothic 4 uses the powerful Vision Engine 7 which makes the graphic fluid, and stable perfectly brings players into the realm of imagination. It has a sharp texture resolution which makes self-shadowing excellent thus visually appealing. However, the instant cropping of texture and the immediate disappearance of surrounding components seem too rushed. This remains the only noticeable graphic flaw of the game.

The graphic quality is highlighted by the super character animation. Fight scenes such as casting an enormous magical spell or delivering lethal blows against the enemy results in a magnificent action scene, visually appetizing. However, players may find the generic charactarization of the human inhabitants an annoying part of the visual experience. The unpleasant depiction of support characters proves to be a setback of this supposedly great game.

In terms of the gameplay, it still holds the traditional style of RPGs. I really do like it a lot though. Stats-based plot, storytelling and fight elements are all incorporated into the solid gameplay of Gothic 4.

A great PC game, Gothic 4 controls perfectly blends with the two-button mouse making aiming smooth. The game is also equipped with standard hotkey button selection (it feels very natural too). Veteran players of RPGs will definitely find it welcoming as it utilizes the generic WASD controls. The player can easily access the inventory to equip himself with potions and consumable items, it pauses the game for a while when still using the inventory. Kind of like Dragon Age: Origins.

The handy inventory makes the game very accessible even for starters. Unlike the Lionhead’s Fable, fight scenes in Gothic 4 are more akin to hack-and-slash adventure. Players upgrade their combo system through increasing their skill points. It is also essential to use blocking and defensive rolling strategies to gain more scores. Rolling is far more accessible in fight encounters than using the shield which, unfortunately, cannot block all attacks. While going through the game, you will find that there are lots of useful weapons which you can loot from fallen enemies. This will make you want to fight more.

In all, Arcania: Gothic 4 is another addition to the slim list of great RPG’s. It has properly combined life-like graphics with fitting audio clarity while maintain a unique touch. I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a good RPG.

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October 19, 2010

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