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March 20, 2007

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Armored Core 4 brings the series to next generation consoles along with a variety of single- and multiplayer activities. Single-players must select from six schematics available at the beginning of the game, and build their mechanical monster from the limited selection of parts. As they advance through 30 different missions, gamers can earn more "mech" blueprints and upgrades that affect the strength, defense, speed, appearance, and weight load of their creation. Certain upgrades are only available after defeating each stage on the highest level of difficulty. Online, gamers may challenge friends to competitive play or chat with other players around the world and exchange match data, emblems, and robots.

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The Armored Core series is almost seven years old but already has seven offspring. But it was not until AC4 that they have had their most awaited graphical enhancements, updated with the latest visual effects. The setting of AC4 derived from the possible effects of war after war. But technicalities such as exaggerated views and blurring are present. The good thing is it has realistic like collapsing environment when hit with bombs or heavy weapons which added to the excitement.

Some of the AC4 graphics have noticeable faults such as the clipping of the mechs when put in mountainous areas. The destroyed mechs also disappeared immediately not allowing the player to see the total or the entire destruction scene. With high definition it is supposedly excellent with different levels of impacts but sometimes its the definition has wavering periods. The PS3 and Xbox 360 version is almost the same but that the Xbox 360 version is more beautiful in terms of designs. The only difference between the two is the learning abilities in the game.

The AC4 provides a faster turn of events in the game. This is because of the total change of designs compared to the previous games. In the first games the energy level can quickly decrease and the player needs to wait for recharging. But now in AC4 the mechs can be drained with energy only when doing vertical movements and will die if not boosted immediately. So the player must surely watch out for his energy.

But as with the previous games there are still shorter missions and game plays which usually last no more than five minutes and sometimes less than a minute. There is a sense of lack in playing, and players can be unsatisfied. It is like being in the height of thrill that suddenly stops or suddenly ends.

This game can also be played with multiplayer mode. Playing it online is now available with AC4. Because it also boost the players skills in customization of mech when the other players online can see it, the game became really exciting. Compared to the previous AC games the AC4 is easier to play because of the added applications such as the remodeled controls, the newer assembly process, and the arcade inspired mech to mech combat. This is really the best AC series because it provides simple mechanics but still allow excitement through the latest additions that had been applied and made players hooked to the game.

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March 20, 2007

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