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March 04, 2008

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Army of Two is based on a third-person shooter cooperative gameplay mechanic and centers on ruthless mercenaries Salem and Rios in Somalia in 1993 and traces the protagonists’ backstory as soldiers and then transitioning to the private sector. Army of Two is designed as a two-man co-op game, with many missions depending on joint tactics and teamwork to kill enemies and accomplish objectives. However, the Partner Artificial Intelligence (PAI) can be substituted for an actual human player. When opting to play alongside PAI, which has the ability to drag their human teammate to safety and heal them, players choose between the roles of either Salem or Rios at the start of their campaign. There are plenty of maneuvers available to two players in co-op mode. Among the most basic are the step jump/pull up, in which the two players work cooperatively to achieve tasks.

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Electronic Arts

Release Date:

March 04, 2008

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