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September 29, 2009

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In Battle of Giants: Dragons, it’s up to you to recover the stolen gems and reunite the Dragon kingdom!  Long ago war ravaged the mystical land of Tammabbukku when humans attacked the dragons attempting to steal the beautiful gems from which they draw their power. Left weak and drained the noble dragons withdrew into the far corners of the land dividing the remaining gems by their elemental powers of air earth water and fire.

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While this is a fairly simple game with a distinct lack of complicated missions and challenges, it will still appeal to many younger people. The adventure starts when you wander into a scenario that has lots dinosaurs wandering around. The goal is to collect all the dinosaur eggs to be able continue, but of course you need to fight to get them. When starting a fight, just head to your chosen opponent and once both of you are in the battle arena, the fight begins.

It is a turn-based system where the players can pick a move, then trace the outline of the other's dinosaur and the one that traces better will earn a boost. Do it repeatedly until one of the dinos is defeated. Each of the dinos will have an equal number of attack and defensive moves depending on the category it falls under.

In tracing around an opponent's outline, the outcome all depends upon on how easy or difficult your move is. For easy moves, you'll just have to trace a small part but for more difficult moves the more you need trace around. The gravity of an attack's damage corresponds to how well you trace. During the battle, there numbers are shown which represent the value of your HP and so the same for your opponents dinosaur. Your health will regenerate over time. There are several types of dinosaur in the game. At one point you may do battle over an attack-type dinosaur which can easily be defeated. Defense-types are more difficult since they are more skilled in warding off attacks.

The time it takes for a victory also needs to be taken into account. There are also situations where you need to dig up fossils in the course of which activity you may find surprise enemies underground. Inanimate object are also present as adversaries, taking forms such as such as tractors, huge trucks, wrecking balls, buses, even a phone box, and surprisingly, a school. Overall, Dinosaurs: Combat of Giants isn't ideal if you want a fast-paced engrossing experience. The content is simple but then, its still fun for some, perhaps younger, even pre-teen kids.

This is the only game where you can battle against a phone box or a school making it a more appealing to kids who might well enjoy this game the most. But for avid fans of serious front end state of the art gaming it's a definite no no no.

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September 29, 2009

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