Battlefield 2: Modern Combat - Xbox 360

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April 11, 2006

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Sneaking onto enemy territory, crawling through trenches, and risking life and limb to save a fellow soldier can all be experienced in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. The game includes a 20-mission single-player campaign, but focuses on multiplayer action over Xbox Live. In the single-player campaign, gamers have the option to "hot swap," by switching perspective between soldiers within their squad, giving them more control over the actions of their group. Xbox Live players can engage "Capture the Flag" or "Conquest" battles with up to 24 people, choose from four armies, 55 weapons, 35 vehicles, and 16 maps that include tropical, arid, swampy, and arctic environments. Online features include clan support, match analysis, global rankings and statistic tracking, and the initial release of the game comes with a free 48-hour trial for Xbox Live.

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by Electronic Arts
Release Date: 09/11/2012

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Electronic Arts

Release Date:

April 11, 2006

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