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October 17, 2006

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Battlefield 2142 holds room for 64 soldiers ready to fight for their existence through such environments as North Africa, Minsk, and the Suez Canal. Go to war in "Titan" mode, and be the first team to destroy the enemy Titan -- a large warship that equipped with heavy armor and lots of defenders. To destroy the Titan, the shields need to be disabled with missiles so your troops can enter the vehicle; once you make it inside, there are four security consoles that need to be destroyed before the reactor core becomes accessible. Destroy the core to win the match. Each side is equipped with hi-tech weaponry and vehicles, including sentry guns, assault rifles, battle walkers, APCs, cloaking devices, as well as upgrades for weapons and abilities.

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Just like the previous Battlefield franchise, the player can choose to be a commander or a soldier. There are a lot of soldier units to choose from: Recon, Assault, Engineer or Support; each having its own special role in this war. Their strengths and weaknesses all complement each other so a great teamwork is vital for success.

Players discover the unique characteristics of each soldier. Their roles are important and are needed in every turn of the game. Recon consists of the Sniper, whose deathly weapon topples distant enemy units before it can even reach ally soldiers, and Special Operations, who specialize with tactics and handling explosives.

Assault team has a stock of short and medium range weapons effective with crossfire encounters. Medics on the other hand provide life saving measures for injured teammates. Engineers have an arsenal of anti-vehicle weapons, motion mines and an SMG. Support, aside from supplying teammates with ammunitions, can operate automated sentry units. Team play always augments the weakness of each team member.

Players begin with the basic kit for each army unit. By scoring points, their ranks begin to level up and eventually gets weapon and equipment upgrades. Once a player reaches a higher rank they get the option of one unlock in any class. There are two upgrades for each class and each path leads to different sets of weaponry. A Support can choose between the IPS Shield which upgrades to Advanced Ammo Hub, or V5 EMP Grenade which then upgrades to the Ganz HMG, a high powered gun.

Moving up the ranks can be achieved by joining Squads. The Squad works on an objective. Headed by a Squad Leader, each individual team members plays a role in achieving the goals set by the commander. Squad objectives may range from capturing a control point killing the enemy, or supplying team members within the battlefield.

What makes Squad playing even more engaging is that the player can chat with other team members. The Squad Leader can also assign spawn points for his teammates. Following the orders of the Leader gives players extra points or Field Upgrade which can then be used to unlock advanced weaponry.

More challenging is the role of the Commander. He directs the team towards victory by properly directing team efforts. The aerial view of the map and enemy movements allows the commander to send strategic orders to his troops. There are controls unique for the commander: Orbital Strikes, EMP, Supply Drops, Sat Track and UAV’s. Each command can be used as needed for the advantage of the team. It might sound silly but the real challenge relies with making the troops follow the orders exactly as it needs to be.

BF2142 is set on locations in Europe and Africa. Each army class has its own territorial terrain and when to use them is also challenging. There are lots of actual locations incorporated in the game like the Camp Gibraltar, the Sidi Power Station in Africa, and bleak streets of long abandoned Berlin - all contributing to the war atmosphere of the game.

Players can keep track of their scores online through the Battlefield website. Players can look into their death ratio, favorite map, accuracy, and more. There are awards for various successes available in a round and globally. Some are easy but most are time consuming. It is worth to show off to fellow BF2142 addicts.

The game graphics are excellent, characterized by the fluid animation of the troops and vehicles. The maps are varied and provide real-life terrains coupled with top class sound effects. The game conveys the battlefield atmosphere of the future. It will surely make player want for more.

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October 17, 2006

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