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March 02, 2010

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is an FPS video game that presents multiple enthralling campaigns. Fight single-handedly as Preston Marlowe in this PlayStation 3 game, or fight with three other players to unlock incentives in two squad-specific game modes. In the multiplayer mode of this FPS video game, you can choose from Assault, Engineer, Medic, and Recon classes. Mean machines like ATVs, APCs, tanks, helicopters, and ammunitions such as rifles and machine guns provide a tactical advantage. Blow up bunkers using explosives at will, or unleash your fury upon the enemy by simply using guns.

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You will find this game very intriguing in that there is the first person involvement with many opportunities to keep shooting another player. There are powerful vehicles too. This makes the player have the feeling that you are fighting on a real but not a factual battle field. However due to the beautiful scenery in the Battlefield Company 2, you may find yourself forgetting to shoot your enemies as you admire the exotic scenes if you are in the sizable campaign mode.

Those playing in the cooperative campaign may have no one to play against but the squad mates are more than enough because they will engage you in the battle and you will end up forgetting there is no one playing with you. You will find this game very entertaining because its technical appearance is special in the world of shooters.

The characters, Sweetwater, Marlowe, Haggard and Sarge are stationed in the wintry Valley as they are serving Sarges last bit of duty. You will encounter haughty mountains amidst a blue sky as you make your way through the snow laden trees and a frozen river. There is a small village you will go through and at some point there is a breakup of a firefight. There are loud explosions from the fire explosions but then shortly later you find yourself thrown in a Bolivian jungle where there are plenty of mosquitoes.

There is a superb sound design which enhances your sense of belonging. Then gunfire does not echo very far but you will note that each bullet has a dissonance of its own. The diverse rural and urban environments are matched by the excellent sound design and each of all these helps your tactical awareness of the game. There are however some blurred textures and irregular screen tearing and discomfited moments which are caused by persistent environmental destruction, expect some loud sounds and some hiccups while playing this game.

The scenery full of vehicles, buildings, bridges and cordons all fall apart when exposed to the gunfire and explosives. For your survival and success you have to destroy the scenery, this is the most ideal thing n this game. When you shoot at an enemy there is the falling of debris and as your enemy tries to shoot back you will find most of the things completely brought down leaving only the very strong things like ships in place. You will find the debris all over, but you have to be sure that you have enough firepower.

You and your playmates will be absorbed so much in the game that there is rarely any talking amongst you as you play this game. The Bad Company 2 game is different from most of other games because it is full of humor. English and Spanish languages are used by the men at the Bad Company. You will be forgiven to expect to play the game alone because the characters are by themselves very active and involving. You have to be very witty to outdo the enemies in this game. This is adventurous entertaining game. Anybody looking for great thrill and all out action, this is it. I would highly recommend this game to anyone and no doubt others will as well, stunning.

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Feb 20, 2014

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March 02, 2010

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