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March 17, 2015


Battlefield Hardline offers seven extra cases outside of the main campaign, and while Mendoza can use the latest weaponry to neutralize his foes, he can also employ less violent means to solve crime, including flashing his badge to strike fear in criminals, using a scanner to tag evidence and build case files, and tossing shell casings to cause a distraction. Hardline features traditional multiplayer modes like Conquest and Team Deathmatch, but it also offers five new modes, as well as the Hacker mode, an updated version of Commander mode from Battlefield 4, in which gamers act as technical support for their squad, hacking into cameras, emptying gas lines, exploding transformers, and tapping into GPS systems.

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Developed by Visceral Games, Battlefield Hardline hit the console and PC crowd with a media blitz behind it. As one of the more entertaining franchises being released annually, there was a lot for us to be excited by. So we decided to pick up the game for our computer, max out the graphical settings, and dive right into the game. When we finally came back up for air we found that there were a lot of things to love in this new title, but also a lot of reasons to consider passing on it. Keep reading to see if it'll be a must add for your PC library!

So if you are aware of Battlefield Hardline then you likely know that it is the latest entry in a pretty popular franchise. With that being said, it probably won't blow your mind if you are a longtime fan of the series. But what Battlefield Hardline doesn't do in some areas, it makes up for it in pure unique additions. With just a glance at the back cover you will realize that things are a little bit different than in your standard Battlefield entry. Gone is the huge military shooter formula that you have become so familiar with and in its place is an urban war. Instead of crawling, strafing, and flying through embattled countries you will instead take to the street to play good old Cobs and Robbers.

The focus of Battlefield Hardline is on the streets and that's where the unique portion of the game really comes to the forefront. You'll play as a police officer, Nick Mendoza, and you'll have to toe the line between being a good cop and being an effective one. Of course you will still have access to your classic weapons: grenades, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, helicopters and many other forms of mayhem. But they are integrated a little more naturally and the action is notably subdued, but not in a way that incites boredom.

So right off the bat we want to comment on the campaign mode. While Battlefield has never been defined by the campaign, it is still worth talking about. From the outset you play as a police officer tasked with reigning in some pretty serious issues out on the streets. The campaign is full of recognizable actors that you will know from other police series. These characters are interesting and they add depth to what could have been a pretty generic entry. The primary concern of your character has to do with an illicit drug cartel that has been smuggling in your city. Unfortunately the further you go into the campaign the farther you stray away from the police aspect. Quickly your character learns to get his hands dirty and then all bets are off as the mayhem comes completely unleashed. You ditch your black and white for a tank. Ditch your sidearm for a rocket launcher. So on, so forth. Those of us that would have enjoyed a grounded police procedural are left frustrated while those of us who wanted the intense, all out action of other Battlefield series are slightly more content.

Still, even if the plot works against what the campaign sought to establish, the story itself is fun to play. Rather than becoming the 'gun blazing' uber cop, you instead start off with the need to work with your stealth. You need to be able to sneak around your enemies while employing non lethal tactics in order to take them out. Shootouts are a last resort in the early going of the game and that is a pretty palatable change of pace. You'll still run into your large scale action segments, but they aren't quite as dense in the early going. As you fight you'll have to take appropriate cover, aim carefully, and avoid hiding behind stuff that isn't safe. Bullets cause realistic damage to structures and the degeneration of buildings adds to the texture of the game. Every gun fight that we got into played sort of like the old Time Crisis arcade game: first priority was finding cover and then second priority was setting up which shots you wanted to take. The style kept the game fast playing and insanely addictive.

The biggest issue with the campaign is the A.I. As is the norm with tiles like this, the opposing A.I. Don't seem to know what to do when you actually develop decent tactics. You could hide behind a solid barricade and pick off your enemies as they round the corner one by one, never moving from your spot. The enemies also don't react as quickly as you can shoot so you can often get easy jumps on them before they try to go to cover themselves defensively. This bleeds into the stealth aspect of the game. For the most part the stealth mechanic works flawlessly, but at times it begins to feel overpowered. Your opponents have ac one of vision displayed on your radar. As long as you keep out of that cone you'll never be spotted. You still need to hide bodies and watch out for patrol patterns though. If you, or evidence of your passage, gets caught then the A.I. Will become unpredictable and actually interesting.

Going into the online mode will lead you to some pretty cool customization. You can outfit your player profile with at on of badges that you earned in the single and multiplayer modes. You will also earn access to different skins, items, and aesthetics that boost your uniqueness while making you look way more cool on the field. Playing online is much of the same when compared to older Battlefield entries, just the setting has changed. You are still in for a hectic rush around the map to get the drop on your opponents. Kids with far more time on their hands seem almost insanely good, but you'll keep trying because the multiplayer is still addicting.

We feel safe in suggesting Battlefield Hardline to PC gamers anywhere.

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March 17, 2015

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