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October 24, 2014

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In Bayonetta 2, players take control of the titular Bayonetta as she casts magic spells with her hair and uses a balletic mix of melee combat and high-powered weapons to dispatch hordes of angels and demons. Set several months after the original game, Bayonetta 2 finds the lithe protagonist attempting to travel to the fiery pits of Inferno to rescue her friend Jeanne, whose soul was claimed by a demon during a summoning that backfired. The main story mode is broken into chapters and stages, and at the end of each stage gamers earn a score based on their completion time, number of combos, and damage taken. During the action players collect halos to purchase new weapons, accessories, and costumes.

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The "Bayonetta" franchise, developed by Platinum Games, seemed to come out of nowhere to take the gaming world by storm. The ultra violent, hyper sexualized, fantasy hack-n-slash seemed to hit all of the right notes for gamers young and old. The first "Bayonetta" game received rave reviews but it set itself up to be even more improved upon and so it seems that it was fate for "Bayonetta 2" to rise to the occasion in order to become one of the best games in the current generation. Let's look at what fans can expect out of the second installment of this critically acclaimed series.

A Brief Synopsis

While we are sure that Bayonetta will stand up to the test of time, it really doesn't set itself apart as a story driven piece of entertainment. Despite this fact the game opens in such a way so as to completely suck in fans of the original game. The game kicks off with Bayonetta and Jeanne fighting off some angels who tried to attack a city during a parade. Things go wrong and Bayonetta's friend ends up being sent to Hell. This sends Bayonetta to a sacred mountain that hides the literal Gates of Hell. Upon going in Bayonetta commits herself to saving her lost friend.

Tight Gameplay: Bayonetta 2 Revels in Blood

Perhaps there is no better time to judge the content of an action game than when you are in the middle of swinging your blade through the skull of your enemy. Were this the case then we can rest assured that "Bayonetta 2" is one of the most solid games of all time. The gameplay is slick, fast paced, and full of over the top violence. The same tight controls return for the sexual and older "Bayonetta" players will feel right at home once they start shedding the blood of the supernatural. One of the coolest new abilities that players will have at their disposal is the array of 'Torture Attacks'. If you thought beating your opponents bloody was fun wait until you have them locked in a conjured torture chamber. Pretty grisly but this game is definitely not one to pull punches.

Bayonetta 2 Moves at Full Speed

Perhaps one of the most inspiring and frustrating parts of this installment is the fact thta you are constantly moving, always on the run. "Bayonetta 2" features an array of gorgeous set pieces but they are never fully realized. The reason? We, as Bayonetta, are constantly being tugged to the next part of the level. There is no 'beaten path' to get off of here, only rails upon which to follow. Players of the game will need to quickly avail themselves to different strategies in order to cope with the pure speed of the game. Enemies come quick and character deaths come even quicker. But what can you expect from a franchise designed around mayhem?

Lots of Words, Still No Story

A brief glance at gameplay footage for "Bayonetta 2" will reveal that there isn't much of a story to follow. Sure there's some hubbub about angels and demons and mysterious forces battling one another, but players will soon grow deaf to the shlocky plot. All the story does is propel us ever deeper into more and more astounding set pieces. One moment we are fighting on top of a jet and then the next we are watching two titans of the after life punch the hell out of each other. Does it make sense? No. Is it fun? absolutely.

Refreshing Design and Incredible Graphics

"Bayonetta 2" is particularly strong in regards to the sheer graphical prowess of the game. Character models are typically sharp and expressive while the set pieces at times are breath taking. Our lead heroine, Bayonetta, looks sexy and dangerous all at the same time. The colors are used in the game to perfection and are often color coded to perfectly fit the mood of the show playing out before us.

"Bayonetta 2" is THE Action Game Of Our Generation

The 'hack n slash' genre is typically pretty disrespected by critics. Most critics find the genre 'too easy' to develop which causes an influx of subpar games. "Bayonetta 2" is far from subpar. The game may very well have set the standard for what to expect out of our action games of the future. "Bayonetta 2" is worth picking up by anyone with the desire to get lost in a beautiful, violent, and addicting game world.

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