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September 29, 2009

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Beaterator brings the power of music-creation to the PSP. Rockstar Games and multi-platinum selling producer Timbaland have designed an incredibly simple to use and portable music making application that allows everyone to create their own music anywhere. Beaterator is easy to use for those new to music creation but also allows the more experienced to work with an array of creative tools to explore and create music. Use Live Play to experiment with pre-arranged templates of loops and sounds in just a few seconds, or delve into the Studio to build a creation using the thousands of loops and sounds provided by Rockstar and Timbaland.

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Beaterator is formed by Rockstar who merged up with producer Timbaland with the goal to create a game that can be loved by both music makers and music fans alike. This is not your typical music game. Beaterator is designed to create some tunes and so much more.

This game features two modes: Studio Mode and Live Play Mode. The first mode Live Play is equipped with a brilliant performance tool that gives you the luxury to combine either the games tunes or your own music together. One session using this mode is consisting of some tracks that are represented by speakers which can be located at the lower left and right sides of your screen. The tracks contain four loops each and can be controlled by using the PSP’s face buttons. One loop can play music of up to eight simultaneous loops and can be interchanged from one another. For that, this mode is seen as the best feature of the game.

The Studio Mode on the other hand is a bit complicated and will tend to gobble you down with menus. In order for you to add a certain loop to your music, you will need to dig in to certain menus just to find the right tune that you are looking for. On this mode, you will be able to create music the scientific way, browsing the tools, playing back each tune, increasing tempo, pitch, and so on and so forth.

There will be a large array of sounds available that you can choose from. All the tunes and sounds produced by any instruments are present – from guitars, drums, wind instruments and a whole lot more. All the sounds produced can also be given some effects in order to produce the sound that best suit what you are looking for in order to create a track.

An additional great feature of this game is that you can save your creation or masterpiece once you’re done via wav file. With this concept, you can carry your music around everywhere you go.

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September 29, 2009

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