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19 November 2013

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Some of the later levels are where the game really shines, but only briefly, as on these levels the game becomes harder and a little bit interesting unlike the first 90 or so levels.

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I'm not one who follows every episode of Adventure Time show on the Cartoon Network but I've seen some bits and pieces, and I like the zaniness that it oozes, so I was somewhat interested when a brand new adventure time game announced. After coming off a mildly receptive Adventure Time Game on the 3DS, D3 publisher picked up Way Forward to develop the second title taking place in the same universe but with different gameplay.

The core premise of this title is that Princess Bubblegum has recruited you, the player, in the guise of one of the playable characters, these initially being Ice King, Jake, Finn and Marceline (others can be obtained through DLC) to explore the secret Royal Dungeons to find out how prisoners are escaping from the supposed inescapable jail. It is not long before you come to find a slow boring repetitive game in which you are assigned to crawl through 100 randomly generated floors of somewhat boring landscape that do not really change in any significant way that might help to keep things actually interesting enough to stop you falling into a coma.

Most of the action in the game consists of running to find the stairs to the next floor or finding the right switch that opens the stairs, while fighting enemies that you can literally run past without receiving a scratch and with no experience to be gained from them. The difficulty does not ramp up significantly until the final 10 floors where you will actually have to take your time and make wise choices because you will probably die a lot if you do not do so. But, besides that, you get about ninety floors which are as boring as listening to non drip paint dripping, but at least every 10th floor there is a boss fight that breaks up the monotony and brings out some variety and uniqueness. There are also some side quests which helps to pass the time a bit.

One of the more interesting parts about exploring the dungeon is that there are multiple playable characters to choose from (see above) and unlock throughout, each of them has unique abilities, special powers and stats. So as not to add to the boredom I would recommend using a character who flies as they can clear gaps so you don't have to worry about taking a long walk around them if you choose a character confined to the ground.

There are treasures in the dungeon that you can gather and use to enhance your characters abilities, health etc. and purchase goods from the vendor Choose Goose. After every fifth floor you will be allowed to return to the surface to spend all the treasure you accumulate during your play in the dungeons but any that you do not spend is collected by Princess Bubblegum as Candy Tax.

Overall this is a mishmash of somewhat entertaining bosses coupled with repetitively similar levels. Some of the later levels are where the game really shines, but only briefly, as on these levels the game becomes harder and a little bit interesting unlike the first 90 or so levels.

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Jun 20, 2014

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