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October 27, 2008

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Bejeweled Twist is PopCap's latest addition to the award-winning puzzle/strategy franchise that Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer's Edition recently named Most Popular Puzzle Game Series of the Century. Like the original, Bejeweled Twist is a game that anyone can play and enjoy. Twisting is the basic mechanic in Bejeweled Twist, giving the game even more depth and strategy. Players earn points by matching three or more gems. Every time you make a match, the gems explode and new gems fall down to fill in the board. This version also includes an all-new 2-player wireless Battle mode and the ability to upgrade spaceships when competing with friends. It’s a brilliant new way to play.

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Release Date: 09/16/2008

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I am the first to admit that when Bejeweled Twist came out I was excited. I am a great fan of PopCap’s Bejeweled franchise and a fan of the Facebook game too. So imagine my surprise when what I expected to be better turned out to be a step back to the dark ages. What happened?

Bejeweled Twist is different, that much I can admit. In the classic games, the match of three or more jewels would burst and down will fall the rest from wherever the game’s algorithm decides. With Twist there is a rotation. Clicking the mouse will rotate the game clockwise and if there is a match made, the same colored and shaped gems disappear and then the other batch falls into the screen. In Twist, the gamer can make a move without having to make a match, this was not possible in the older versions where the non-matching gems had to flip back into their positions. Now why is this not so desirable?

In effect, the clockwise rotation slows down the pace of the game, but there is the added challenge of thinking up better strategies during the play. In the past, it was mindless and fast paced. The thinking processes were fast paced as well. In Twist, it takes several games before the player gets a hang of the new system and sometimes it can take more time to figure out how it happens when you think it should. If nothing happens the way you want it to go, this means you confuse the previous games to this new one. The learning process is frustrating and the slow pace is even more frustrating.

In the previous games there was a feeling of success every time the game ended, whether or not the game was won or lost. In Twist, there is a lack of this feeling of success for when failing in one game, it has to be started over again from the very beginning. There is no sense of success because the player knows they are going to fail, even if they have won. Getting booted back to the lowest level when obviously the level is already high, gives the player a sense of failure, unlike the previous versions where there is always a sense of success. Does that make sense? For me it does. I like games which make me feel good. I don’t like vinegar poured over wounds here.

As the game progresses, when it does progress, after a whole lot of time, there are new and special gems which are introduced. These twist the strategies into knots. There is a countdown timer in the bomb gems where a failure to match them up means disarming the spinner. It feels more like a slot machine game than anything else.

In closing, I have to say that Bejeweled Twist is a playable game that I can live without, even if it were offered to me for free on a silver platter. I still prefer the feel-good previous games that never fail to make me go for more as the hours roll by. Twist somehow just barely managed to keep me from gritting and grinding my teeth. Perhaps those new to the Bejeweled format will like it more than seasoned user like me.

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October 27, 2008

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