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You do know what time it is when you see a macho man with swords all angry and shouting. Yes it's time for more slicing and dicing in a unique fashion. Although I got to be honest with you, Beowulf is not all unique in itself as the game borrows many elements from games of the same genre with promises to deliver something different. But can it accomplish just that?

The game play is nice as you can expect, the graphics all play nice and the fact that you can command your army of thanes to help you out makes all the difference with games of the same genre.However, the game is pretty short for the buck as it is 6 hours long from the start to the end. But there are a lot of things that you would want to know that can keep you playing way more than 6 hours.

For instance, some puzzles require you to start fires from your berserk mode which you have to earn up before you can do so. The fact that you need to earn your berserk mode is lengthy enough but loosing the connection makes it even longer and more frustrating.

The game features many paths that branching and interconnecting. Really nice of you want to discover some areas. However, most paths end up in a pinch and would only require you to go back from where you started with little or nothing to compensate your effort.

Another thing that sets this game apart from the rest and I'm not sure if you will like it is the fact that there is a carnal vs. heroic scale that fills up as you battle along. The carnal is all about you going berserker mode and the more you utilize it the more the carnal bar fills up. On the other hand, the heroic scale fills up when you kill enemies with normal attacks and this also strengthens your army. However, there is no better or best path to take as you do not have the control to engage in just one option as you will in time go berserk and sometimes just plain attacking.

I'm not sure if the next feature is suppose to be comical in nature or is just a breather or it is just a spoof that the producers wanted to insert. But the fact that a big guy like Beowulf commands his army to move a big boulder by means of singing and dancing is really funny. I'm really sorry if you are a fan of the guy, but really, you kill big monsters and kill an army and instead you break a boulder to pieces you sing and dance to move it? Well if tough guys do it so be it.

But in general the game is still a fun experience and if you are a fan of the genre then you can make sure that this game will deliver, well at least for you. Too bad that by the time that you are loving the game everything stops and ends as the Beowulf has a short playing time. I just wish it was longer! I rate it 7/10.