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May 19, 2009

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Bionic Commando is a sequel to the 1988 8-bit game for Nintendo Entertainment System -- at least as far as the slightly re-envisioned story goes. Players return to the role of Nathan "R.A.D." Spencer, a heroic veteran soldier who has been enhanced with a powerful, extendable, metallic arm. The game resolves around infiltrating the headquarters of the group known as the Imperialists and single-handedly foiling an elaborate plot to revive the greatest evil in modern history, Nathan Spencer should have been hailed forevermore as a hero. Instead, he is betrayed by the leader of the government he served and he is sentenced to death for crimes he did not commit. Yet on the day of his execution, fate steps in again: A terrorist attack of mass destruction turns the city to rubble, leaving those who betrayed the hero in need of his services once more. And so, Spencer's role reverses, from scapegoat soldier to humankind's best hope for survival: the Bionic Commando.

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Release Date:

May 19, 2009

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