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February 09, 2010

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Rapture, that’s the world Bioshock is centered on, is an underwater world filled to the brim with things that go bump at the night as it has been ravaged by war and mutilated by a self destructive genetic mutation.

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by 2K Games
Release Date: 10/15/2008

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I had high hopes for the second release in the BioShock series and to be honest, after playing it, I felt more than a little disappointed and here's why.

I got the feeling that the developers were trying too hard to be more successful than than the first BioShock and, in doing so, have produced many individual improvements but lost site of the overall production. They seem to have done it all: better controls, detailed level designs, improved combat mechanics, and a multiplayer mode to captivate the target audience. The only problem is that despite of all these major improvements, everything feels pretty much the same. The atmosphere of the game is surely downright terrifying, but it just doesn't send shivers down my spine like the old Bioshock.

Rapture, that's the world Bioshock is centered on, is an underwater world filled to the brim with things that go bump at the night in the aftermath of a destructive war in which the population has been ravaged and mutilated by a self destructive genetic mutation. Little has been done to change and add to the element of horror portrayed in the game despite the fact that it has taken 10 years to create this sequel.

In terms of gameplay, Bioshock 2 has certainly improved a great deal. Combos are now more powerful as you can now use both the powerful plasmids and heavy weaponry to blast off the monsters around Rapture. This was not possible in the original game; it was either... or but not both.

ADAM is collected throughout the game, and often through slaughtering Little Sister after you have dealt with Big Daddy. Whether you will kill Little Sister and have a ready source of ADAM or rescue her and take her gently into your arms is your call. But if you pick the latter, be ready for the consequences. You have been warned.

The inclusion of the multiplayer mode will satisfy fans of the game as it is a full featured multiplayer experience. Ranks, unlockable weapons as you level up, plasmids, and various boosts exist. There is wide array of maps too, that way you and your friends can fully explore Rapture in different areas. The underwater world of Rapture is full of magnificent wonder that shows off the quality graphic design of the game.

So there is much improvement of almost everything while somehow giving the overall impression of remaining much the same as before but, as the standard was high to begin with, it is still a game worth playing.

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February 09, 2010

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