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The graphics of BioShock 2 may not be as impressive as that of its predecessor, but an exquisite art style reigns throughout the city of Rapture making it one of the most interesting cities i...
by Take 2 Interactive
Release Date: 11/30/-0001


Bioshock takes players into a world filled with technology and strong characters, the game is predominantly a first person shooter with an array of weapons to aid you in your quest. 

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This game is amazing on so many levels. This is one of the few games that does everything right: sound design, story, gameplay, etc.

This game is less of a first-person shooter, as you aren't going to be shooting many people, but rather, a dynamic survival-horror game. I say this because there will be many times where you will run out of ammo, either fending off sentry turrets or taking down Big Daddies. As a result, there are many times you will rely on your plasmids to get out of many situations, which includes powers such as freezing, electro bolt, and my favorite, telekinesis. This allows you to never feel invulnerable, and allows you to always stay on your feet. The game is open-ended, with many paths to take towards objectives.

The atmosphere for this game is jaw-dropping, with claustrophobic areas that are riddled with the footsteps and ramblings of the Splicers, the main enemy of the game. However, nothing beats the feel of taking down a Big Daddy, who protects the Little Sisters or the game who you must rescue or harvest, because like everything else in Rapture, there so many details put into every object in the game, creating a tense and deep atmosphere. The clever visuals of this game allows its graphics to not age one bit as well.

However, the highlight of the game has to be the sound design, with the great scores and subtle sound effects complementing the amazing story of the game. Also, the voice acting is phenomenal; the line between the insane, corrupt, and the innocent is blurred when it comes to the characters in this game.

The story is astounding, and the game's length is around 12 hours, with the story never dragging on, but rather constantly engaging the player. The game has great replay value as well, as you will want to try different paths for every playthrough.

This game is a must play for anyone who is looking for a true piece of art in a videogame.

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Oct 21, 2014

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