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November 13, 2012


Call of Duty Black Ops II should definitely be on the check list. The whole franchise has itself managed to gain a huge popularity amongst gamers from all over the world.


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The Call of Duty series is a very popular multi-platform first person shooter. The game is developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. In Japan it is being published by Square-Enix.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is one of the most recent additions to the series, and in this game the player is able to utilize many modern weapons in current use, as well as futuristic weapons which exist only in the imagination of the designers.

This title has a unique single player campaign which allows player driven actions to help direct the course of events in the game. This single player campaign allows the player to follow two different timelines during two different cold war eras. The first part of the game takes place in the late nineteen eighties during the first Cold War era, and the second part of the game takes the player forward into the year 2025, where futuristic weaponry and artillery are utilized in the second Cold War era China and the United States.

The two cold wars periods coincide with each other for both the protagonists and antagonists involved for any particular event. This creates a very interesting and engaging storyline, and with the fact that the game bridges two different periods of time, means that decisions made in the earlier stages of the game, during Strike Force Missions, will alter the course of the rest of the gameplay. Events will be determined, for example, by whether someone of particular importance dies or lives. This interplay creates multiple possible endings for the story, which is a first in the Call of Duty franchise.

Along with the story comes an array of new weapons, created for the future setting in the 2025 cold war period. Earlier stages call for more basic weapons which were around in that time period, and for the future cold war, robots, cyber wars, and other weaponry created for the future are at the players' disposal.

Another great addition is the opportunity to fight against monsters in the Zombie mode. The Zombie mode has it's own Campaign quite aside from the regular single-player campaign.

In Call of Duty Black Ops II, more players are able to join in a co-op game, and there are three particular modes in which players are able to participate, together with the possibility of playing in an 8 player co-op game. There are interesting challenges to face during all these modes.

Should anyone be looking for an exciting first person shooter. Call of Duty Black Ops II should definitely be on the check list. The whole franchise has itself managed to gain a huge popularity amongst gamers from all over the world, and those who do like to play first person shooters should definitely give this one a try as it will certainly not disappoint those with trigger happy thumbs or those who can plan strategic maneuvers to outwit their foes.

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Release Date:

November 13, 2012

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