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March 10, 2010

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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Portable has been painstakingly recreated for the PSP, retaining every character, frame of animation and all the modes of the home console versions (Arcade, Versus, Score Attack, Training, and Story). In addition, two new modes, ‘Shop’ and ‘Legion’ will be included. Shop will allow players to unlock exclusive bonuses like characters and illustrations, while Legion offers a single-player strategy game, which sees you building an army of BlazBlue characters in order to capture territory against the enemy. Twelve unique combatants to choose from including 8 unlimited characters compared to the console version.

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by Aksys Games
Release Date: 05/31/2011

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If you are looking for a game that has great characters, beautiful 2D graphics and visuals, great music soundtrack and enjoyable fight scenes and mechanics, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is a strong candidate.

This game offers magnificent fight mechanics that you can never see in other fighting games. It has rich cast of characters that makes it a very interesting game to try. First, you get a knight, Lolita vampire, cat girl, puppeteer and other charming characters. Each character has specific skills. They have their own weak, medium and strong attacks that they can use in the fights. Your aim is to defeat your opponent using the different attacks that you can do against them. You will surely have a favorite character in this game.

Though this is similar to other game fights, it has different modes that you can play, such as the Legion mode, where you are expected to fight your opponents, and, once you have defeated each opponent you can advance to the next level and have the option of accepting those defeated enemies into your own ranks.

All the modes in this game are very addictive. And the best thing about this game is that it lets you earn points wherein you can spend to purchase special illustrations. This is how this game gives back to its gamers. Rewards are always a good strategy to make one like your game though. Whether it gives out rewards or not, it is still a very recommendable game for gamers. Those who love fight games will surely get hooked playing this game. And of course, you do not want your character to be defeated. Unlike other fight games whose game controls are so uncontrollable, this game offers simple and easy to remember controls to help you get into the game easily. This can be played in single mode or multi-player mode. I recommend multi-player mode. The graphics are very well presented. There are nice touches of anime packed into this game and the backgrounds look awesome, even considering they are on a PSP. The sounds and music are awesome. The overall presentation of the game is very well done. You cannot get a game as awesome as this.

All in all, this game has totally swept its opponents when it comes to fight games. There are tons of fight games available nowadays, but this is totally fresh and different. It gives you that certain thrill to play it on your PSP. It is the most impressive fight game in today’s generation. I would recommend this game to others, as there are not too many good fighting games on the PSP. This is by far my favorite fighting game on the PSP.

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Aksys Games

Release Date:

March 10, 2010

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