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July 28, 2009

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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is a 2D fighting game developed for high-definition systems, BlazBlue features fast, anime-inspired fighting action, which plays out over detailed, multi-layered backgrounds, with flashy, sometimes psychedelic visual effects for special attacks and big hits. The fighting takes on a certain rhythm, as there is a split-second pause after each hit, giving players who can catch on to the cadence a chance to use the brief freezes to time their next move or counterattack. The action is very fast, and without the stuttering pauses, few humans could hope to keep up.

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If some of you folks have played Guilty Gear then you will be happy to play BlazeBlue as this game not only borrows some graphics from that game but also main controlling of the characters are the same. BlazeBlue will offer you interactive colors, horrifying stages and an enjoyable 2d fighting experience.

The most beautiful feature about this fighting thriller is its control. The game offers you enormous amount of control over your character. There are only 4 buttons to learn and to fight. A, B, C are for normal attacks and D is for special attack move, which gives you an easy way of going hard at your opponent. So you just need to mix up 3 keys to get different combos.

There is another feature that you can expect always from ARC systems. There is a set of special moves for example if you pressing back t D and holding A&B your character will create a shield against other componentÂ’s attacks. If this looks complicated to you then believe me BlazeBlue is very starter friendly. You can make all kinds of combos just by pressing A, B or C. and D which is Drive attack gives you an easy way to perform a huge combo against your opponent.

For a fighting game it possessing uniqueness, the engineers at ARC works have made sure that every character of this game sounds different. Not only sounds different they looks different and they moves different. The story plot is well connected among all the players of the game. People who are aware of Japanese story plots will definitely enjoy this one. For others it will start making sense as they play with different characters.

Well overall for a low profile fighting game, the features that BlazeBlue Calamity Tigers possess are extraordinary. The designers have done a fantastic job. Even though this game targets some selected fans but I think it has got enough fire power to attract more of an audience.

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Feb 17, 2014

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July 28, 2009

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