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November 02, 2010

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Blood Drive is a vehicular combat game with a twist, instead of merely shooting down or smashing into rival cars, you are running over throngs of zombies. The setting is a futuristic game show that pits armored vehicles against each other in a gruesome fight to the death. Adding to the mayhem are undead frat boys, police officers, strippers, and more, who will wander aimlessly around each of the six featured environments. Choose from a muscle car, hot rod, and six other armed vehicle types while challenging the computer in a series of tournaments. You'll also be able to compete against up to three other friends in drop-in, drop-out multiplayer matches.

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Every racer in the game is furnished with a customized ride. For example, the Moonshiner by Jackson is a muscle car that is shatterproof and Doom Buggy by Bedlam is fast but not well-protected. Several of the game modes will need precision. As an illustration, with King of the skull, the only way to win is to become the driver who will hold on to the golden skull for the longest time. In order for that to happen, you have to smash into your opponents yet, this can be difficult since there are times when it is difficult to drive in a straight manner making it hard to collide with other cars effectively. Likewise, the checkpoint races are at times disappointing when the light cone you want to attain is located in an elevated platform which will need certain tight turns to go up.

Performance of the game is nothing special when the objective of the game is just to kill numerous zombies as possible. Despite the presence of speed boots and drunken missiles which will fire in any direction, it is not all that impressive. Prior to every event, you will have the opportunity to choose a weapon loadout which will give you special capabilities such as double ammunition and additional boosts, a pleasant touch but lacking in depth.

The game is intended for a multiplayer experience since single-player mode has insufficient story. With technical issues involved such as frame rate fluctuations, graphics and textures being quite inferior, and with low intensity action, Blood Drive is lacking in many ways.

One enormous problem the game is facing is the fact that it is trying to be overly sensitive when it is not appropriate. Voice overs are very annoying and are utilized in cursing at some peculiar points. The game is somehow silly and a bit humorous, so it would be impossible to be insensitive. In terms of the game presentation, it can be very annoying to know that there is lack of story and a hopeless attempt to be sensitive even if during the course of the game it is simple to get around. The gameplay of Blood Drive is fundamentally boring with repetitions of actions such as driving, shooting and spinning out. Since there are no online matches, lasting appeal would be quite impossible.

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Dec 1, 2014

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November 02, 2010

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