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In Borderlands on the PC you play as a thrill seeking treasure hunter on the planet of Pandora. This planet is hostile; a rouge filled wasteland, but it hides a secret: The Vault. The Vault is an alien structure rumored to hold treasures of immense power and wealth. As you play the game, you will discover that the treasures of The Vault are nothing compared to fantastic time you will have on your journey. You know what they say about it is not about the destination, but rather the journey? That is what Borderlands is all about. Why? Because you get to tag along your friends of course!

This doesn’t mean that the single player is shabby as it has a great rewarding system and engaging experience system. Those who will take advantage of the 4 player online cooperative mode will experience the game as it is meant to be played. There is nothing that could compare with the pleasure of killing enemies with an onslaught of a variety of weapons, gathering loot, and cashing in on the good stuff through defeating bosses, completing mini games, and leveling up.

You travel through Pandora as 1 of 4 characters, each with their own unique physical attributes and skills. Among all of these differences, the action skill is the most important. This is a special ability that gives you the upper hand in any combat. The Berserker transforms into a damage resistant rage and delivers deadly attacks to the enemies while the Siren can turn invisible and fast. The Soldier can throw down an automatic turret flanked by shields, and the Hunter can release a vicious bird of prey. Use the actions skills you acquire through the game to strengthen your character and make him a valuable asset, whether alone or online.

Weapons are gained throughout your quest, and most of them will be just good enough to sell in the vending machines in Pandora. Better guns will be available, though, as you progress in the game. Don’t forget to search in animal and human remains for valuable loot; without doubt you will spend a lot of time foraging for items.

Finally, online play is one of the most unique experiences a gamer can ever have. You start out alone, then up to 3 people can join you and leave you on the fly. The difficulty level automatically adjusts to the number of members in your party. Money earned is shared in the group, what one receives, everybody else gets.

Playing alone is a bit lonely, since the game offers little non player character contact, but they manage to compensate through online gaming. So take a risk, play with a stranger online, and enjoy Borderlands the way it is meant to be played.