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Borderlands PS3 cheats and hints.

Easy money and loot:- To get easy money and loot, save the game near an area
where there are multiple crates after collecting them. Then, reload the game and collect
the loot again. Repeat as desired.

Easy Levels and Money:- To easily gain levels and money in the first scene
when your getting a tour with the scrap robot, follow the robot to the campsite with
the car up on the lift next to the burning tires. Collect all the loot and kill all
of the enemies. After killing all enemies, pause the game and exit. The game will
automatically save your character with all the loot you collected, and you will
start at the beginning again. Repeat as desired.

Duplicate Items:- You can make a copy of any item with a partner in multiplayer
mode. Drop the item that you want to duplicate and exit the game without saving. Have
your partner pick up the item you dropped. When you return to the game you will still
have the item. Have your partner give you the other.

Berserker Speed Exploit:- When your fighting multiple enemies and have low health,
activate Berserker right before you enter Fight For Your Life! mode. Kill an enemy to gain
a Second Wind. You should now be able to run as fast as Brick can in Berserker mode and
can still use your weapons. To get out of Berserker mode, activate it again.

New Game +:- To unlock New Game + mode, complete the game. In New Game + mode,
some items will carry over from your previous game and the enemies will be harder.

Quick Reload:- To quickly reload your weapon, click the right stick(melee) as
soon as your character removes the ammunition cartridge.

Faster Firing Rate:- To reset the firing rate timer of a weapon with a slow
firing rate, melee after each time shot; this allows you to instantly fire after each shot.

Easy Escape after Defeating Sledge:- After you kill Sledge and collect the artifact,
exit and save the game. Load the saved game to start at the very beginning of mission
where you need to backtrack to after defeating Sledge.

Storing Items with Alternate Character:- You can store extra items by creating
an alternate character in co op mode. Just give your alternate character any items you
don't currently need. Then, when you need them log back in to your alternate character
and give the item(s) back to your main character.

Easy 20,00 EXP:- To get 20,00 EXP, you must first get a vehicle. Find a safe
area and use tape to hold down the PS3 controller button that is used to shoot from
the vehicle. You will receive 20,000 EXP after firing 100,000 shots from the vehicle.
This will take a few hours.

Unlimited guns and money:- Find a respawning weapons case. For example, in New Haven,
there are five weapon crates that respawn every time you load the game. Three are on the roofs
above the truck stop, west staircase over the bar, and above the west gate; jump from canopy
to reach it. The repaired claptrap opens another crate behind some steel plates, and there
is another weapon crate north east behind a junk hill under a large canvas canopy.
Note There are a few bandits and aliens that spawn here. Collect the contents of
the crates, quit the game, resume and collect them again. Sell the guns to make money.
Repeat as desired.

Easy experience and weapon proficiency:- This trick allows you to gain experience
and weapons proficiency by selling loot from dead enemies. In order for this to work,
leave one enemy alive, otherwise the quest ends. Exit out after killing almost all of
the enemies and collecting all the sellable items desired. Reload your game and re rampage
in the arena. When you exit, the game saves all your information. Reload your game. Once
you are in "the middle of nowhere" you will eventually get a Thunderdome/Arena type quest
called "Circle Of Slaughter". You can go into the game, enter the arena, and slaughter
everyone except one enemy. Note: There are three rounds, with the last one called "Final Round".
Do not finish it if you want to repeat your work. You will earn easy experience, weapons
proficiency, find loot, and can earn money from selling items.

Easy experience:- To easily gain experience, at the start of the game, unlock
the cars and then run everyone over. The rocket launcher car is recommended; if need
be you can use the rockets to kill the flying things.

Successfully complete the game and be at level 40 with your first character. Start a split
screen game with a new character that you want to level up quickly. Find a location with
lots of enemies that are easy to kill (for example, the lost cave with the crabs and
leveled up Skags). Make sure your high level character was saved in the area you wish
to go to, and load them as the host with the other character as the second player.
Leave them by the new u station and go to town with your high level character. Your
other character will gain levels almost instantly. This begins to slow down about the
mid to high level 20s, but you will be able to level them up to about level 35
relatively quickly. When start a single player game with the lower character, you
will start out with an extremely high level character and be able to play through
the game easily and collect more loot. This is a great way to make many different

Note This trick requires a high level friend. Have your friend join your game
and travel to high level places. As you stand back, watch your experience fly in the
8000s as your friend kills enemies because the game shares experience. You can also
obtain high level items by doing this.

New Haven: Secret vendor:- There is a hidden vendor behind the garage door
across from the normal weapons vendor in New Haven. To get the door to open, try fast
traveling to the gun machines in New Haven, Rust Commons West, and Middle of Nowhere.
Return to New Haven and the garage door might be open.

Treacher's Landing: Barrel scene:- Go to Treacher's Landing, then the secret
dock in the southeast. Shoot the yellow barrel to the right of the dock. Then, shoot
the green barrel in the far trash pile to the east of the boat. Shoot one of the blue
barrels on the boat. Finally, shoot the red barrel in the water to the left of the boat.

Treacher's Landing: Easy weapons:- Go southeast from the start of the map.
You will need to take out a few bandits in a small gathering of huts, but keep to
the south east. You will find a red weapons crate up on a ledge. This was intended
to be obtained once you looped around the map and were on your way out. However,
there is a way to get to the ledge. On the right side is a cabinet to open. Jump
on top, then locate a post along the fence. Jump to the post. From here you can
jump onto the ledge with the red weapons crate. Then, continue southeast.
You will encounter a hut with two bandits. Keep moving southeast along the
water's edge. Once you pass a large boulder, you will see a ship. There is
another red weapons crate on the ship. You can repeat this by going back to
the save point at the beginning of the map, exiting once, and restarting by
loading your character again. The weapons crates will have respawned.

"Bandit Treasure" quest:-
Fast travel to Old Haven and follow the left wall after you get in to reach a
pile of dead bandits. Notice the glowing bandit or glowing key nearby that
starts the quest.

"Green Thumb" quest:- To get the Green Thumb quest, fast travel to the
Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board. Get a car from Scooter's and drive to the right.
Notice the small shack with big plants around it. Talk to the man leaning against
the shack to get the quest.

How to defeat "The Destroyer" Boss:- This creature is from another dimension
and is has a large health level. This creature is a made up of flesh with multiple
tentacles that can re spawn as the battle progresses. It has a blue lighted cave that
appears to be its eye. Most of the tentacles have large glowing orbs about halfway
down their length. Shooting the orbs will destroy the tentacles. Start the battle by
running toward the creature and then hiding behind a pillar that is located to the
right or left just out of range for the tentacle's reach. From here, take out all
but one tentacle that you can see easily from that point. Destroy the ones you
cannot see easily by peeking around and taking shots at the orbs, but return to
your hiding point. This pillar will shield you from missile like attacks, and
later from the eye that shoots a beam weapon. If you get reduced to zero health,
you can take out one of the orbs on the tentacle that you can see easily to be
revived before you get killed and have to respawn. It is like killing another
enemy. This is the reason why you must keep one tentacle. If you do get killed,
the creature recovers all health but you will respawn in front of the creature.
Once again, you can run to your pillar of protection hiding place. A few times
in the battle, the tentacles will spawn and you have to take them out again.
The tentacles are the source for the missile type weapon it attacks with.
As you reduce the number of tentacles it also reduces the about of missiles
flying at you. With the tentacles nearly gone, you can now focus your attack
at the mouth/tongue and its eye for the critical shot. Continue this process
when the tentacles respawn. Having weapons that have unlimited ammunition or
having ones that create ammo is very useful with the large amount of health
level that this Boss has.

How to defeat the final Boss:- To defeat the final boss, have a shotgun
with full ammunition. Destroy the purple tentacles by shooting the spheres to
get rid of the missiles it launches. Next, jump behind the red tentacles at
the very back of the map. You will end up next to a wall and two of the large
tentacles. You can do this on either side. The eye that shoots the beam will
not be able to hit you. The only thing time that you may get hit is if the
purple tentacles with the spheres come back or it does the "energy wave".
Get behind it and shoot at the red tentacles. You should be able to kill
the destroyer in under two minutes.


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Super Gamer Dude

Borderlands PS3 hints.

Get Eridian weapon early:- To get the Eridian weapon early on, have a
Siren character. Return to Fyrestone in the Arid Badlands. After killing the
Mothrakk, a Eridian weapon will drop. You must search everywhere to find it.
Note To kill the Mothrakk easily, when it is low on health, shoot warning
shots to lure it towards you. Kill it while it tries to get close. The weapon
should be Eridian Cannon (Berserker), Thunder Storm (Soldier) or Ball Blaster
or Wave Blaster (Siren).

Critical hits:- Performing a Critical Hit on an enemy will inflict more
damage and give you more XP. Perform a critical hit on the following enemies be
performing the corresponding actions:-


Adults Shoot them while they are jumping at you.
Human Shoot them in the head(sniper rifle works best).
Pups Shoot them while they roar at you.
Skag Shoot it in the face when it opens its mouth.
Spitters Shoot their mouths while they are firing their poison at you.

Claptrap locations:- The Claptraps are located in the following areas:-

1. Sledge's Safehouse
2. The Lost Cave
3. New Haven
4. Tetanus Warren
5. Earl's Scrapyard
6. Krom's Canyon
7. Old Haven
8. Trash Coast
9. The Salt Flats
10. Crimson Fastness

Easy Money and Items:- To easily get money and items, in "New Haven",
go to the save/transport post near "Scooter" and save the game. There are two
red chests and three silvers chests in town. After looting all of them, save
the game and then exit. Reload the game and repeat the process. The following
are the locations of the chests:

Red Chest 1:- On the roof of the building right of the save post.
Go to the side with the yellow barrel, and jump few times.

Silver Chest 1:- From the save post, turn left and go upstairs.
Continue in the same direction, cross the wood plank and then jump the
railing to the other building. Turn right around the corner.

Red Chest 2:- Starting from Silver Chest #1's location, jump on
the red tarp hanging over a small platform. Turn around and you will
see the chest.

Silver Chest 2:- After completing the Claptrap Rescue this Chest
will be in a little shed across the courtyard from the Bounty Board.

Silver Chest 3:-F rom the save post, go forward and upstairs where
the dollar sign and arrow are. Jump on top of the washing machine, then
on top of the roof with the antenna. The Silver Chest is located behind it.

Elemental Effects:- The following are descriptions of the Elemental Effects:-

Fire:- When you use fire on an enemy they will take gradual damage until
they die or it goes out. Fire damages enemies more if they don't have a shield. Enemies
will become less accurate when being attacked with fire.

Shock:- Shock damage deals an large amount of damage to an enemy's shield,
but loses effectiveness once they're down to their health meter.

Acid:- Acid damage eats through armored opponents and can spread to multiple
enemies if they touch each other while panicking. However, some Acid type enemies
are mostly immune to it.

Explosive:- Sometimes when you shoot an enemy from an explosion type gun,
the bullet will explode and deal extra damage. This is useful when attacking
groups of enemies.

Eridian:- If you find an Eridian weapon, try shooting an enemy. Extra
effects may occur. The 10101 Cannon is a good example of a Shock/Explosion
combination element.


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Super Gamer Dude

Borderlands PS3 XP.

Carry out the following tasks to get the correwsponding XP:-

12 Days of Pandora Master the technology of Pandora (12 assault rifle kills, 11 pistol kills,
10 shotgun kills, 9 smg kills, 8 sniper rifle kills, 7 melee kills,
6 critical hit kills, 5 explosive kills, 4 shock kills, 3 incendiary kills,
2 face melted kills, and 1 grenade kill) (5,000
Action Hero Kill 50 enemies using your Action Skills (1,000 XP).
Airborne Get three seconds of vehicle hang time (1,000 XP).
Arms Dealer Sell 400 items (5,000 XP).
BOOM Get 250 kills with Launchers (2,000 XP).
Beware! Mad Skills! Kill 250 enemies using your Action Skills (2,000 XP).
Boom Goes the Dynamite! Get 50 kills with Explosive attacks (1,000 XP).
Boom Get 50 kills with Launchers (1,000 XP).
Boxer Get 1,000 kills with Melee attacks (5,000 XP).
Bragging Rights Win 250 Duels (2,000 XP).
Brain Surgeon Kill 2,500 enemies with critical hits (20,000 XP).
Brain Ventilator Get 1,000 kills with Sniper Rifles (5,000 XP).
Brawler Get 250 kills with Melee attacks (2,000 XP).
Buckshot Legend Get 2,500 kills with Shotguns (20,000 XP).
Bug Crusher Kill 250 Spiderants (2,000 XP).
Cachet Lucres Open 5,000 lootable objects (20,000 XP).
Chain Killer Kill 10 enemies in succession with no more than 7 seconds between each
kill (1,000 XP).
Chemist Get 2,500 kills with Corrosive attacks (20,000 XP).
Chemistry Rocks! Get 50 kills with Corrosive attacks (1,000 XP).
Conveyor of Death Kill 5 enemies in succession with no more than 7 seconds between each
kill (5,000 XP).
Crack Shot Kill 250 enemies with critical hits (2,000 XP).
Crosses Border for fireworks Get 1,000 kills with Explosive attacks (5,000 XP).
Demolitionist Get 2,500 kills with Explosive attacks (20,000 XP).
Dominant Species Kill 2,500 Guardians (20,000 XP).
Don't You Ever Miss? Kill 1,000 enemies with critical hits (5,000 XP).
Draw! Get 50 kills with Pistols (1,000 XP).
Duelist Win 10 Duels (500 XP).
Envy of Pirates Open 500 chests (25,000 XP).
Finger of God Get 2,500 kills with Sniper Rifles (20,000 XP).
Get Off My Lawn! Get 50 kills with Shotguns (1,000 XP).
Good Consumer Buy 50 items (2,000 XP).
Gun Runner Sell 100 items (2,000 XP).
Hang Time Get two seconds of vehicle hang time (500 XP).
Headhunter Kill 50 human enemies (1,000 XP).
Heavyweight Champion Get 2,500 kills with Melee attacks (20,000 XP).
Hell on Wheels Get 2,500 kills with a vehicle (20,000 XP).
Hot! Too Hot! Get 50 kills with Incendiary attacks (1,000 XP).
How Much For the Gun? Sell 50 items (1,000 XP).
How Much For the Planet? Earn $9,999,999 (20,000 XP).
I Fired Every Bullet Ever Shoot 100,000 times (20,000 XP).
I Hate Bugs Kill 1,000 Spiderants (5,000 XP).
I Hate Dogs Kill 1,000 Skags (5,000 XP).
I Want it All! Buy 200 items (5,000 XP).
I am Become Death... Kill 10,000 enemies (20,000 XP).
I'll Wait Back Here... Get 250 kills with Sniper Rifles (2,000 XP).
If I Can't Fly, No One Flies Kill 2,500 Rakk (20,000 XP).
Impulse Buyer Buy 5 items (1,000 XP).
Instant Autopsy Get 1,000 kills with Shotguns (5,000 XP).
Invincible Win 1,000 Duels (5,000 XP).
It if Flies, it dies Kill 250 Rakk (2,000 XP).
KABOOOOOOOOM!!!! Get 2,500 kills with Launchers (20,000 XP).
KaBOOM! Get 1,000 kills with Launchers (5,000 XP).
Keep Firing Shoot 10,000 times (2,000 XP).
Killing Spree Kill 15 enemies in succession with no more than 7 seconds between each
kill (2,000 XP).
Lots of Shots Shoot 2,000 times (1,000 XP).
Lucky Shot Kill 100 enemies with critical hits (1,000 XP).
Make Chunks Get 1,000 kills with Pistols (5,000 XP).
Make Chunks Get 1,000 kills with the combat rifle (5,000 XP).
Merchant of Death Sell 2,000 items (20,000 XP).
Misanthrope Kill 1,000 human enemies (5,000 XP).
Mixes household chemicals Get 1,000 kills with Corrosive attacks (5,000 XP).
Money, it Buys Happiness Earn $250,000 (2,000 XP).
Nikola is a friend of mine Get 250 kills with Shock attacks (2,000 XP).
Not Really a People Person Kill 250 human enemies (2,000 XP).
Numb to the Voice Kill 1,000 enemies (2,000 XP).
One Man Army Get 2,500 kills with Pistols (20,000 XP).
One Man Army Get 2,500 kills with the combat rifle (20,000 XP).
One Shot, One Kill Get 50 kills with Sniper Rifles (1,000 XP).
Ooo! Shiney! Open 5 chests (1,000 XP).
Orbit Achieved Get five seconds of vehicle hang time (5,000 XP).
Plays with matches Get 1,000 kills with Incendiary attacks (5,000 XP).
Pocket Change Earn $10,000 (1,000 XP).
Prelates Relict Kill 1,000 Guardians (5,000 XP).
Punchy Get 50 kills with Melee attacks (1,000 XP).
Put forks in sockets Get 1,000 kills with Shock attacks (5,000 XP).
Pyromaniac Get 2,500 kills with Incendiary attacks (20,000 XP).
Rakk Flak Kill 1,000 Rakk (5,000 XP).
Rakk Slayer Kill 50 Rakk (1,000 XP).
Relentless Kill 5 enemies in succession with no more than 7 seconds between each
kill (500 XP).
Road Rage Get 50 kills with a vehicle (1,000 XP).
SIT! STAY! PLAY DEAD! Kill 250 Skags (2,000 XP).
Scavenger Open 250 lootable objects (2,000 XP).
School Bus Driver Get 1,000 kills with a vehicle (5,000 XP).
Seasoned Killer Kill 500 enemies (1,000 XP).
Self-contained Economy Buy 500 items (20,000 XP).
Shocker Get 2,500 kills with Shock attacks (20,000 XP).
Size Matters Get 250 kills with Pistols (2,000 XP).
Size Matters Get 250 kills with the combat rifle (2,000 XP).
Skag Slayer Kill 50 Skags (1,000 XP).
Smack Down! Win 50 Duels (1,000 XP).
Spiderant Slayer Kill 50 Spiderants (1,000 XP).
Spray and Prey Get 50 kills with the combat rifle (1,000 XP).
Swag Master Open 100 chests (5,000 XP).
Taste the Red Mist Get 250 kills with Shotguns (2,000 XP).
Terror of Pandora Kill 4,000 enemies (5,000 XP).
The Exterminator Kill 2,500 Spiderants (20,000 XP).
The Rich Get Richer Earn $1,000,000 (5,000 XP).
The Vault is Mine Kill 250 Guardians (2,000 XP).
This is Not a Flight Simulator Get four seconds of vehicle hang time (2,000 XP).
Toasty! Get 250 kills with Incendiary attacks (2,000 XP).
Too Bad About the Tinnitus Get 250 kills with Explosive attacks (2,000 XP).
Treasure Hunter Open 25 chests (2,000 XP).
Vehicular Manslaughter Get 250 kills with a vehicle (2,000 XP).
War Criminal Kill 2,500 human enemies (20,000 XP).
What is That Thing? Kill 50 Guardians (1,000 XP).
What's in Here? Open 50 lootable objects (1,000 XP).
Who Made That Man Gunner? Shoot 25,000 times (5,000 XP).
Why Do You Even Carry a Gun? Kill 1,000 enemies using your Action Skills (5,000 XP).
Why is the floor all gooey? Get 250 kills with Corrosive attacks (2,000 XP).
Wilderness Survivor Open 1,000 lootable objects (5,000 XP).
You Are The Skagpocalypse Kill 2500 Skags (20,000 XP).
Your Kung Fu is Best Kill 2,500 enemies using your Action Skills (20,000 XP).
Zap! Get 50 kills with Shock attacks (1,000 XP).