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At one point in our lives, we tend to drool over that new flat screen showcased in front of the appliance store. You tend to think of opportunity costs and the praises and benefits you get when that new flat screen rests in your living room. That certain urge to have something expensive to be proud of is being fortified in Gearbox’s Borderlands; a first-person shooter game that feeds the urges of the thief, hero, and adventurer hiding in all of us.

For those who aren’t familiar, this is similar to Blizzard’s Diablo, which is a loot game. As the game begins, you are thrown out into the open world with a number of quests and legions of villains that will always do whatever it takes to prevent their leaders from being killed; you have to eliminate a big number of their compatriots, expose drain valves within their hideouts, snatch important objects and files, or obtain a big number of shiny objects. This game is not a choice and consequence game that is filled with issues on morality and a number of labyrinthine quests. What drives you here is the loot.

You’ll start your adventure with weapons that are old and rusty that gives you the vibe of using weapons buried under and resurrected from the ground. As you go through the game, however, you’d be able to find and acquire shotguns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, handguns, and submachine guns that have elemental effects like lightning and fire. These new weapons can annihilate enemies with caustic effects or strike an impact that blows the target into a bloody mess. In addition, as you become familiar with your weapon, you’ll be more adept using it. This helps improve your character into becoming a fearless fighter who can shoot, break, and burn all hindrances along the way.

Going through the game, you will rise up to higher levels. You can usually barter weapons so there’s not a thing to worry because you will eventually have only the best weapons. Every time an enemy explodes into very colorful loot, you feel this anticipation of gaining new and interesting weapons. There’s also an array of different character class skill trees; though, there are some that are packed with passive abilities. In each class, there is one primary skill that you can use almost throughout the game. With the Hunter class you can toss out a bird to assault from afar, the Berserker class moves forward and knocks foes with his very strong fists, the Siren class can enter into a temporary invisible state, and the Soldier class can throw down a sentry turret to give aid in a fight.

Gearbox’s Borderlands is definitely cunning and a very satisfying hybrid for the gamers who know what to expect in games. The game has a very interesting user interface that develops the game’s complexities into something easy for everybody to have fun. There is a very clear-cut style and there are a number of character animations that keeps the action thrill-packed. There is also very strong voice acting and the game is equipped with a soundtrack that fortifies the sensations felt during the game. Indeed, this is one hell of a game if you’re the adventurous and action-seeking type of gamer.