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October 13, 2009

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Brütal Legend is an unholy action-adventure, through a surreal world brought to life from heavy metal album cover art. From a trailing third-person perspective, players take the role of Eddie Riggs, a rock & roll roadie extraordinaire, who has been mystically transported through time and space to the Age of Rock. There, among the expanses of impossible Gothic architecture and sky-high mountains of bones, metal-hating demonic overlords seek to enslave the remaining pockets of humanity that resist them. Fulfilling an ancient prophecy, Eddie wields three great weapons in his war against this demonic oppression: A huge, double-bladed battle axe called "The Separator" allows him to perform powered-up combo attacks. His Flying V guitar, named "Clementine," gives Eddie the ability to shoot electricity or shake the earth with special power chords.

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This game has a really good story and humorous as well. Humorous because the voice of Jack Black, one of the world’s famous comedian is the main character of the story as Eddie Riggs plus Ozzy Osbourne, Tim Curry and Jennifer Hale. Not to mention the excellent soundtrack of the game from the Judas Priest to the Motor-head to the Black Sabbath.

The game has the main storyline to explore by collecting powers through killing enemies. There is also the side mission where you can use your Deuce and armies to help you in the battle. The Deuce is your companion to explore by searching for collectibles like serpents to unlockable music to landmarks. Motor Forges, home for the Guardian of Metal is one location to look for in the game. The Deuce is of great importance in the game but tiring at the same time because it is hard to control sometimes.

The single-player mode has an amazing adventure and boss battles. The multiplayer mode has a real time strategic aspect. You can play solo or play with your group to earn fans to upgrade your car. The game is quite short but this game is a fun experience to play. There are lots of funny dialogues.

Brutal Legend has a fantastic visual. The best location in the game in the Sea of Black Tears, a Gothic inspired where candelabras and cathedrals are located. It surprises its fans continuously from a guitar statue sticking out of the ground or gigantic amplifiers or seagulls with microphones. Double Fine’s job is really fantastic. It has kept to its subject matter.

The flaws of the mission are covered by the good effects, visuals, and voice acting. The secondary missions are weak. If only the shortcoming had been flattened or softened, it has been the best game of this kind of music that we could hope for. The strategic feature is something players could be grateful for and found everyone stuck into the game, overall I enjoyed it.

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October 13, 2009

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