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Lowly Worm

PlayStation 3


Many criticisms have been aimed at Bulletstorm. For one thing there is some, in fact a lot, of crude language; such language as you would never hear in your local bar of course. Its manner of getting rid of enemies with outrageously over the top moves and weaponry; of course other games never do this. It is made up of absolute silliness and juvenility; I must have been looking at the wrong games before, most of them are not exactly easy to regard as grown up with real life scenarios. That's because they are games. If you want seriousness stay in the real world.

All these failings make it what it is, a funny and absorbing bit of escapism which can become a little boring when some of the novelty wears off. But now I'm falling into the same trap as its critics, pointing out imagined bad points and then saying that despite them its a fun game. It is a fun game because of them and not despite them. Its an outrageous game for gamers who don't always take things seriously.
No complaint about gamers who like things more "realistic"; its just that this is not aimed at them and does not pretend to be what it is not.

Having daid all that, the overall effects are very well done and the mechanics impressive. Even the sheer anarchy is well managed and a result of design rather than accident. The unusual graphical design is not out of place although the sound is a little lacking in its purpose.

Its a first person shooter, science fiction game. The plot is not very complex and as in many, more "serious" games of its type, you gain points by zapping enemies, in this case in some unusual ways. You use the points you gain to spend on ammumition and weaponry to zap more enemies in even more exotic ways, and so on. So whats so different.

There are multiple and online modes, and I am told that a little lag may be experienced in online play, I have not yet tried it.

If it was meant by design to be a top of the range game for the gaming elite I would score it pretty low, but for a bit of fun, for a limited time, I will mark it highly and recommend it for what it is; childish, crude and perhaps not all that cleverly witty, but a very enjoyable romp.

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Lowly Worm

PlayStation 3


In this ridiculously, deliciously, exceedingly, over the top experience, complete with a wonderfully foul mouthed cast of characters, with incredibly varied and imaginative methods of wasting enemies, you take on the role of Grayson "Gray" Hunt, or should that be Grunt, a space pirate, out for revenge on his ex commander, General Serano, who double-crossed him. After a battle between their ships they both crashland on planet Stygia, home to some very nasty wildlife. Stygia is also the home of some warring humanoids which makes Gray's escape from the planet somewhat difficult. A half-cyborg named Ishi and the weapon wielding Trishka go along with Gray to assist him.

Gray gets hold of Bulletstorm's newest wonder tool: the energy leash which allows Gray to pull his opponents towards him through the air while at the same time giving a sort of slow motion effect, so allowing Gray lots of time to prepare for one of Bulletstorm's varied "skillshots." To pull off a skillshot a player is required to discover creative ways to destroy his enemies. Such innovative methods may be shooting them below the belt, impaling them on a spikey fence, feeding them to a carnivorous plant... and many more fun methods. This list of skillshot methods can be accessed at any time to see which ones have yet to be accomplished. Each level and each weapon has its own list of such skillshots..

Skillshots gain the player points which can be used to upgrade weapons and buy more ammunition. Using other methods of removing enemies are not really a rewarding option. And anyway, these skillshots are great fun to carry out.

In addition to utilising the skillshot system to take out the less formidable opponents, players meet some very entertaining boss charaters in the run of the game. You will also encounter other gigantic mechanical and animalistic foes. The scale of these battles is impressive and adds variety to the other, more skillshot dependant, gameplay.

There are also interesting actions in multiplayer. Teaming up with other players to fight hordes of enemies in the Anarchy mode, with the dedicated purpose of accumulating points by performing skillshots with other players. Gameplay is split up in segments with each segment presenting more powerful enemies and a higher points goal. The other multiplayer is Echoes, where players take on each other to gain the highest skillshot rating and fastest time in parts taken from the single player campaign.

Now for the good or bad points, depending on personal choice. Bulletstorm may have the most vile, foul mouthed, cliched juvenile one line dialogue to be heard in a video game. From a purely personal perspective the dialogue is one of my favorite aspects of Bulletstorm. A nice change from listening to a bunch of muscle bound space marines cursing to script because that's what they're supposed to do. Bulletstorm is very serious at not taking itself seriously, and in this way shows that the designers were quite aware of what they were doing.

The story is not as good as the dialogue. It seems like just a convenient excuse to go from A to B across the planet. However, this journey itself is quite a lot, in fact a great deal, of fun. The ending, like the story is also rather weak.

One trivial point. Although the enemy AI is consistently good, Gray's buddies do get in the way a bit, often blocking a passage or blocking your gunfire and so on.

Look a bit farther than the weak story and smutty, meaningless, but funny dialogue and this is quite a good experience in the short term. It does however, lose its "charm" after prolonged playing, but it is still well worth buying.

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Lowly Worm

PlayStation 3


Bulletstorm, developed by People Can Fly is not just one of those games that involves shooting, killing, more shooting more killing… This was a surprising game to say the least. Yes, this is a game that does involve shooting and killing, but the developers really rubbed this into the gamers system deep. This is a well planned and well executed game that leaves many looking for more, that is if they are willing to let go.

This game is not for the gamer who wants to space out, this shoot ‘em and kill ‘em game also involves exercising the grey matter. Here plans need to be made carefully; who deserves to be killed, how they are to be killed, and how soon or how far into the game you are willing to wait until you do the inevitable. This game can be so absorbing that you will find yourself unwilling to put it on pause – if you can even find the energy and the need to put in on pause.

There are two playing modes, the single player campaign and the Echoes mode. Although it is recommended that the single player mode would be the best way to start, once you get into the Echoes mode you would not really want to play anyway else.

The plot is a dead giveaway, you are Grayson Hunt and the leader of the mercenaries that are going rogue and are just getting aware that they are going over the bend. Apparently this was not your fault; you find that you and your mates are being used by the commanding general to kill the innocents so he can place the blame on you and your team, while he gets away with all sorts of craziness. You confront him and end up planet side – now the target of the same team mates who have lost all sense of reality.

From there the game play goes pretty serious – in the most engaging, challenging and fun way. The plot disappears after a while as the game play turns serious, but this will only occupy your attention and senses. The screen screams of fantastic graphics, great sounds and engaging action. Once deep into the game, then and only then, will you appreciate the marketing slogan that the game is supposedly a crazy and against all expectations type of Skill Shot gameplay.

In conclusion, well what else could be said other than the developers knew what they were doing, knew the perks and quirks of their target audience, and more than made up for it in the graphics, sounds, game play and modes of playing. What else is left but to say, PERFECT! Well nearly.This is a keeper and should be a welcome and top addition to your game library.