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February 22, 2011

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Bulletstorm is a futuristic first-person shooter with larger-than-life weaponry and arcade-paced combat. Encouraging risky maneuvers and highly chaotic battles, the game's "Skillshot" feature rewards exceptionally precise, destructive, and creative hits with experience points, which are used to purchase character upgrades and unlock powerful weapons. The single-player storyline develops through high-adventure missions set in a dangerous, abandoned paradise. "Echo" mode tracks players' performances in sequences from the single-player campaign. Multiplayer combat is available in "Anarchy" mode.

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A fast-paced and stylish shooting game that is quite predictable and laggy.

Bulletstorm is a first-person shooter game that is actually fun and action packed. It has cool weapons and neat mechanics, as well as a very rewarding system of gameplay. It might not be the best of them all, but it’s definitely entertaining. The environments are attractive and it goes along with the whole theme of the gameplay – to shoot with style. There are also lots of variations in the weaponry – different combinations of boots, ammos, bullets, and explosives.

The story revolves around Grayson Hunt trying to get revenge against General Sarrano of the Confederation of Planets. You fight side by side with Ishi in planet Stygia, who will help you as he is skilled with robotic and AI controls. He is one of the strong points of the game, as he happens to be unpredictable and high-tempered, a lot like you, typical of a strong shooter in a story. However, while it’s kind of fast paced, the story gets shallow at some points and don’t get well explained. There are also absurd scenes which mix up sexual and bizarre encounters, but it tends to get hypersexual at some point and will soon get annoying in the long run. The dialogue emphasizes this inappropriate and excessive profanity, and while this may entertain you for some time, you will soon stop laughing. The annoyance goes away when you get onto the touching moments of having to deal with your own conscience. But this isn’t long to get you hooked enough.

Bulletstorm’s strongest point is its style. Along with the variety of weapons and enemies, there is also a variety of challenges and skills to do that are called skillshots – such as kicking enemies to electric fields, using airlocks to send mercenaries on space, drop crates to explode on them, and let flesh-eating plants feast on them. Along with the skills come points that show how much you’ve earned with the action. Each skill has its own name that adds up to the story, and you always get to discover new ones as you go along.

The graphical environment and animation are also excellent and enjoyable for you to fully enjoy the action. There are many inviting elements in the environment, such as the Venus flytraps, ivies, giant monsters, and little replica cities, underneath a wonderful blue sky, much like a paradise planet. Timing is also satisfying, and movements are quick and not delayed. This is especially important when you’re swarmed with enemies and you have to act fast to be able to attack them while defending yourself.

Aside from these things, the other features of Bulletstorm are more of typical of a first person shooter, such as linear path of action and this whole tendency to get blocked by your own companion in times of action. These things will disappoint you at some point, but not as much as when you get to fight so easily with a boss. The epilogue gets predictable and repetitive in the end, just as much as you knew it will be.

I just adore much of the sceneries on the game and in actuality, without the lagginess, the excessive profane and sexual dialogues, and the much predictable cutscenes and story plot, I have to say Bulletstorm is a fun and creative game that gives more of a juvenile feel, while keeping serious challenges. Add up the online leaderboards which creates a more rewarding and engrossing effect on the gamers themselves.

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February 22, 2011

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