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March 06, 2007

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Burnout Dominator on the PSP combines the best elements of this long-running franchise with a wealth of features exclusive to PSP, developer Criterion has created a true high-speed racer with portability in mind. Sixteen races, spanning 8 locations are the backdrop for performing Burnouts and reaching mind-blowing speeds. The aim beyond winning the race is to remain in Burnout mode constantly, the meter refilling for successfully completing each manoeuvre and taking the more risky racing lines. Multiplayer gaming is heavily supported, letting you and your friends race head-to-head in Ad Hoc and Infrastructure Modes or compete on a single PSP in Party Play Mode.

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This is a great driving game that has a variety of events and a good sense of speed. The game is fast paced with exciting gameplay. The game is an interesting combination of Modes that has features from the previous versions of Burnout. The game has its shortcoming s in he midst of all the good things in it; it is quite difficult to figure out the traffic from a distance. You will also find the multiplayer is not as good as you would expect or as you would find it on a PS2 and on a PSP.

Over the years the Burnout series had added quite some amount of content and has also adjusted it’s format by adding and adjusting some features. Burnout Dominator has taken features and mechanics from the previous Burnout games and brought them together in a new way to give a whole new game. This game is more skill-based and does not have the combative approach which has been the case in the previous ten games in the series. If you are looking for a high speed in a racing game then this is the game might be it.

The goal in Burnout Dominator unlike in other Burnout games not to drive dangerously, rather it is to hit a boost and hold it down until the blue color the fills up when you fill up a meter entirely disappears. When you are supercharging in Burnout Dominator you are supposed to fill up a secondary meter that will govern how much boost you will get when you complete your Burnout. When you fill out the second meter, then you will develop a Burnout chain.

In this game you will come across lap time challenges and you will gain scores for driving dangerously. When you are asked to drift events you should do so. As you drive on races that will have you compete with some other five cars. The game gives you a range of cars to slam around among other things. You will note that there is no Crash Mode in this game; this is not a good idea because the crash mode helps improve on the pace of cars.

On PSP Burnout Dominator is quite impressive, it is clear that the game was not designed for PlayStation. The experience may feel like it is a little leveled back in spots the game is still one that has perfect speed for a racing game. Using the multiplayer options to play with friends is great fun and can be quite exciting. However, as the game moves in the fast admirable speeds, it does so at the expense of the visuals. The cars look chunky and at times they turn out to be ugly.

If you have played Burnout on Xbox 360, you will also find that transition to the PSP or the PS2 will give you a blocky flaunt. Another flaw is that from a distance you cannot make out which car is which. If you are a fan of Burnout then it is worth looking at the Dominator for more tracks and more content.

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March 06, 2007

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