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September 27, 2011

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Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 sticks to the series' tradition of realistic hunting simulation in extreme outdoor conditions. Building upon intricacy of the virtual wildernesses in previous Cabela's games, Big Game Hunter 2012's environments offer the player more choices while posing new dangers. Each of the animals is programmed with authentic behaviors, and observing their movements can yield clues to their mood and future actions. The wilderness is rife with natural hazards, so players must balance speed with safety when the trail leads through difficult terrain. The game's dynamic weather system also adds a realistic unpredictability.

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This game gives you the whole experience as a hunter. You get the chance to travel across the globe to take part in the journey of a lifetime and hopefully come back with a huge show off able trophy. When you first start this game it shows you a video of a snowy mountain scene where you are trying to hunt a bear. Out of nowhere another hunter comes up and shoots the bear before you and it doesn't end well. You then go to the injured man and the bear shows up behind you and surprises you. Basically that is just the intro but the whole game is based off of the fact that a millionaire invites you to compete in the world wide big game trophy hunt. This game gives you your goals in the beginning of each level. Which mainly consist of you killing an animal for a trophy. You also have the option of other tasks around the way. Your second goal is to get as much money as possible which allows you to upgrade your weapon.

There is a mode available to help you find the said "trophy animal." This mode is called the detection mode. This allows you to examine animal tracks to help lead you to the animal. There are also photo challenges along your trips, these can also earn you a little bit of extra money throughout the game. You are also equipped with a caller, which allows you to lure the animal into the open allowing you to make the kill. For each mission that you go on there is a recommend gun to use. With the money you have earned you can buy upgrades for your gun, ammo, silencers, you know all the fancy gun equipment out there.Besides the main game play there is also a shooting gallery. In the gallery mode you can choose to play by yourself or with multiple players. You basically earn between one to three stars when you have completed the course. It goes by pretty quickly and is pretty entertaining for a good while. All your records are recorded. There are even some secret areas you can unlock which gives you a little excitement.

There are so many different locations we go to throughout the game. The backgrounds are pretty decent when it comes to detail and visual appeal. Although the animals are pretty amazing. The sounds throughout the game are good but a little repetitive. One cool feature they keep throughout their games is something called the bullet cam. What this does is every time you make a fatal show the camera goes ahead and follows the bullet in slow motion until it hits the animal.It gives the player a new and interesting point of view. Overall the game is a hit, no pun intended. It is fun and enjoyable. The graphics are decent along with the sound and sound effects.This game gives you a fun experience hunting without actually having to go out to do it.

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Release Date:

September 27, 2011

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