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November 14, 2006

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In Call of Duty 3, soldiers come equipped with special skills such as the British SAS soldier's knack for sabotage and the Canadian mechanized infantry's expertise at inventive vehicles. The Wii controller is used in all aspects of combat, and players must use the motion sensor technology to reload, throw a grenade, row a boat, and wield a dagger. Environments include deformable objects such as piles of wood that move and splinter when shot and players may destroy soft cover to flush enemies out in the open. Additional "Battle Action" invites gamers to shoot less and get their hands dirty setting C-4 charges and fighting Germans with their bare hands. Players focus on the stories of four Allied soldiers that begin at Operation Cobra, and leads to the eventual Liberation of Paris.

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Campaign missions are set in the World War II Europe in the year 1944. Allied forces find themselves on the beaches of France, from there they must eliminate Nazi forces that hold control over Germany, France and most of Europe. Carrying on the gameplay of the earlier versions of the game, the player is placed on the role of different soldiers. They will eventually join forces with America, Britain, Canada and Poland. Campaign missions and storylines are unique to each country. However, players may find the game plots not that too engaging.

As part of a diverse allied force, the player will have to deal with the different characteristics of friendly units: there's a soldier with a strong distaste for the French, an overbearing sergeant, and a young radio operator who has been labeled a coward. This plot gives the sense of attachment to every game character.

A brief training mission opens the game where the player learns the controls, how to move around, how to use weapons and toss grenades. Learning to fly proves to be a challenge as each attempt leads to annoying deaths. The analog stick on the Wii Nunchuk controls movement, aim with the use of Wii Remote while the reticle may affect gamers aiming capabilities. For precision aiming press and hold A, it will raise the gun to eye level and use the weapon's sight. Its basic mechanics work fine and are easy to learn.

To add up with the game’s entertainment, there are missions that put the player on the driver seat of an army vehicle with the main objective of following the checkpoints and avoiding enemy fire while rescuing hostages or escaping. The controls take a little time to get used to, as with any other game. Once done with the tutorial mission the player gets in a truck and is fielded into battle. After a rough ride the jeep gets blasted and the player ends up on a cemetery wall where he is welcomed with an exciting firefight. Continuous bombardment of bullets and grenades from all angles are fired towards him.

Bombs blows up all around, leaving soldiers to rush for whatever cover they can stumble on. It’s sort of a massacre for the allied comrades, their bodies are strewn about the battlefield. The player must continue to move or else he ends up like one of his fallen comrades. There are some missions which the player might find unexciting. However, the sound quality of the game continues to set a tone of thrill.

There are occasional glitches in the game, but they cannot spoil the fun that the game stirs. Call of Duty 3 for Wii, overall, is a great addition to the A-class first person shooting games in the market. It offers challenge and excitement a true gamer looks for.

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November 14, 2006

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