Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PC User Review

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A marquee video game series sometimes has a good reason for becoming a best-seller; and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is one such game. The latest installment of the COD series has just done a complete break-away from its typical World War II-themed origin and has decidedly focused on modern-day conflict involving super powers (i.e. US, UK and Russian forces) in a story conveyed from the perspective of a US Marine and a British S.A.S. operative.

If your hardware is up to it, youÂ’re definitely in for a totally awesome visual treat. Call of Duty 4 graphics is pure delight with its realistic lighting, incredible texture and fantastic modeling and the result is simply stunning and one of the most enthralling experiences on any first person shooter game up to this time. But the credits surely canÂ’t be monopolized by the outstanding graphics.

It is actually the overall combination of the whole products that makes the game astonishing. The superb sound and vocal work are so vividly realistic. The potent combination can be seen and heard, especially in the midst of a full-scale heavy combat where the player gets the feeling of a full blown chaos that create an almost real temporary disorientation with the sounds of explosion, falling debris and smoke. ItÂ’s all so mind boggling that the player actually needs to gather and sort out their thoughts to respond with a counter-attack. Sure, you may have seen that sort of effect on some games; but it has never been this good on the Mac platform.

The other edge Call of Duty 4 has is its multiplayer mode, which seems to have nothing negative to it. ItÂ’s simplicity to the core, you just sign in, create a character and voila! The whole gamut of a great first person shooter and splendid role playing experience is all in your hands where every assist, kill and completed mission rewards the player with experience points and a level up status. When a new level is reached players can start unlocking rewards for new weapons and other add-ons or perks. Solid networking is also a big plus as the game rarely lags and works well with its server browser.

Because there are no medical classes within Call of Duty 4, it brings about a gritty feeling to the game - nothing is polite; thereÂ’s no mercy and there are no second chances. When you get shot, for instance, thereÂ’s no one to save you and itÂ’s only a matter of seconds before you die. As the game goes, itÂ’s no quarter asked, no quarter given. The players have to be on their toes and be aware of whatÂ’s going on around them.

Despite its being superbly crafted, COD 4, like all other games, is not perfect. It has its own flaws to contend with. There are certain things that can do with some fixing. Characters sometimes get stuck on some scenery, although itÂ’s quite rare. Also the single player mode of the game seems to be too short-lived and itÂ’s over before you know it.

Be that as it may, the bottom line is itÂ’s close to perfect and Call of Duty 4 really does an astounding job as far as single and multiplayer game plays are concerned. Something you donÂ’t easily get in most video games.