Call of Duty: Black Ops DS User Review

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Super Gamer Dude

Nintendo DS


First of all, Call of Duty: Black Ops has tons of action to look forward to. This game has used a different story line for the DS version, so you are getting a totally new story line, plot and game play with this. You should get across 16 stages with lots of action in it. Each level is carefully created to making for a strong and well paced game. With this, you will get lots of vehicle sections, fight scenes, shooting scenes and related to the story. The shooting scenes are very accurate and you will almost feel like you are really shooting over something. This just simply means that the controls are effective.

There will be two modes that you can play; the Arcade and Challenge modes. Both are fun to play. If you are playing in the multi-player mode, you can play with up to six players whether online or local. Kill count will determine the winner of the game. You can also play co-operatively in Zombies. This is equally exciting as you fight against the zombies. The Zombies can also be played offline. You will have to finish four maps to finish the zombie game.

The action is so intense that you feel the thrill on every scene. The graphics are well created to give wonderful presentation on your DS screen. The audio and voice acting are also well done. The production has made the game characters and game play show clearly what the game is all about. It seems like everything in this game is made perfect that you would not notice any flaws in it. It is very well executed and produced. It is fun, exciting and enjoyable. This is a perfect game to recommend.