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The plotline starts somewhere in 1960s, in the fearful days of the Cold War and Vietnam war, so expect to meet Russian, Vietnamese and Cuban adversaries and the contrasting character of their leaders such as Fidel Castro of Cuba and President Kennedy of America. The game’s hero, Alex Mason, is a soldier who can’t remember anything from the past, and the storyline is a twisting narrative of his search for clues to help him bring back his lost memory. This game sticks to a definite organized storyline with a wonderful finale.

Black Ops presents new features and surprising twists. The battle is enjoyable; character-wise, no complaints, it is well designed with good detail and the plotline is remarkable, not of the easily predictable sort you get with many other games of this genre. Wii players can expect a fantastic first-person shooter since the Wii remote and the classic controller are both well suited and efficient options. Depending on your preferences, the classic controller can provide fluidity with its dual analog sticks while with Wii remote, jumps are easily done.

A new points system is also featured which is called, CoD Points. Aside from gaining experience points and level up, it has added and improved features like Create-A-Class, custom class slots, new game modes, perks, bonuses and a wide array of weapons to purchase. All of these can be purchased through this CoD points system. When you move on to the next level, you earn 1,000 CoD points which allows you to purchase lots of stuff to improve your character and your game. A small but thoughtful feature gives you the ability to personally customize your weapons by writing a clan name or emblem on them.

The game features several play modes. First is the Wager Match Mode which is designed to bring out the significance of the CoD points. This mode goes with another two games; one is the Chamber which stresses accuracy and patience and the other is the Gun Game which is a tour of 20 Black Op’s and each kill corresponds to a new gun. The second mode is the Standard Mode that divides up into three teams with names such as Domination, Headquarters and Deathmatch, and is useful for leveling up. When you eventually reach Level 50 you’ll be able to play the Prestige mode with still more new features and challenges.

The multiplayer mode is interesting; there are no lags even when performed with as many as 12 players. Nazi Mode also makes its return. The presentation of the visuals is truly fantastic, even with the amount of fast action going on in the game. The content is brimming with so many new and exciting features that make it not just a another sequel with slight variations but a whole new world of a game. Forget all the hype you've already seen, this game is all that and more. Do yourself a big favor, buy it.

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Nintendo Wii


Call of Duty: Black Ops was released for Wii in 2010, rated M for Mature due to blood and gore, intense violence, and strong language, this game is obviously not for kids. The graphics on the Wii version of COD: Black Ops are not far off from its competitors. Players have the choice of using the Wii remote or the Classic Controller designed for the Nintendo Wii. It features more gaming options than just beginning to end Campaign play.

The Campaign mode is Single-Player, based in the 1960Â’s Vietnam, Cuba, and Russia. Your role is that of Mason with missions such as assassinating Fidel Castro, and an appearance by the great John F. Kennedy. Mason is in the midst of being interrogated, through these interrogations his memories are triggered which in turn become your richly detailed and fast-paced missions. You get a chance to try out some vehicles as well, although the operating of the vehicles is almost to simplistic. While the Campaign mode can be stimulating it can also be discouraging and frantic for players who are unseasoned to First-Person Shooter games. If your Online go to the Multiplayer combat training mode. Be patient, follow directions, and don't give up.

In Zombie mode you can hunt Zombie Nazis alone or share the action with up to four players. You start with the Zombies trying to break through boards blocking the doorways in the Nazi adorned play area your stuck in. You gain points by killing them off and repairing those boards, than you can use those precious points to buy guns (which are outlined on the walls),buy ammo, or open doors to different parts of the dilapidated headquarters. Each wave of the crazy Nazis Zombies are tougher and meaner than the last, but your knife should do the trick for the first wave or two. Conserve ammo, keep an eye out for Power-ups, and spend your points wisely.

In Multiplayer is where Call of Duty: Black Ops opens up a whole new world. Multiplayer can only be played Online and doesn't have a split-screen as did previous COD games. You can send an invite to someone by simply entering their friend code, they have the option to accept or decline. Once accepted their stats are revealed, and so are yours. You can than customize a Private Match to host with the people who have accepted your friend request. An interesting feature is the ability to earn currency in the Player Match. You can spend your COD currency on kill streaks, contracts, weapons, equipment, or gamble with others in a Wager Match with Free-For-All game modes. Mentioned earlier is Combat Training, practice makes perfect, and you can bring your friends in to practice with as well. But if you feel like just sitting back and watching your masterpieces, go into Theater and enjoy your recently played games.

Call of Duty: Black Ops can be time-consuming, excitingly addictive, frustrating, an all out epic adventure. And you can be the creator of your own Black Ops.