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November 10, 2009

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The creators have attempted to create all three platforms with the same capabilities, as much as they could. There are limitations, however. The Xbox and PC alike are somewhat limited in their performance.

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The Call of Duty series has established the barometer for an extensive, high powered action-packed experience with an equally great presentation of cinematic gaming, worthy enough for other war games to emulate. The franchise has scaled the barometer so high that it has greatly affected the war games market from PC to PS3 to Xbox360.

Then came Infinity Ward that removed itself from the World War II classic setting and created another set of historic focus with their new cast of characters; and the game once again waded on new waters to experience greater heights. The release of Modern Warfare 2 has provided an inexplicable excitement with all the hype that surrounds the game; mainly because of the reputation of its predecessor. Gamers are just so intrigued on what they are up to now! With the addition of more multiplayer options and more features, Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare is anticipated to be the top game this year.

As gamers and fans of Call of Duty, I bet everyone’s definitely thinking it was worth the wait, now that the Call of Duty is here. You may even set the bar higher as you re-live the moments when you played the first Call of Duty. The Modern Warfare 2 has departed from the traditional aspects of war games. The gameplay is now presented in three parts - single player mode, co-op mode and the blockbuster multiplayer mode. These offer different levels of experience for fans and gamers.

The single player game is the foundation and strength of Call of Duty. The creators have created an intense appeal here. You can see that there are improvements in the game through depiction from different parts of the world, which are now part of the game. You get the chance to encounter the lands of Brazil, the mountains of Russia and the roads of Afghanistan. The single player mode has been upgraded and it now presents an increased attention to every detail of the game, from the weapons down to the sound effects. It gives you the feeling very much like when you watch an action movie.

The single player mode, likewise, has its downside. It is short for starters, and you can finish the game in 5 hrs in a “normal difficulty” level; if you increase the level of difficulty, you may need another hour or so. Modern Warfare 2 has its own approach. It has a chaotic environment that the new graphics and effects have handled quite well, so… no disappointment there. This encourages you to fight every single chance you get in every part of the game. One of the most noticeable improvement is the blood splatter feature, which shows a much improved and much more realistic-looking, thicker blood as, obviously, a new system has been employed. Some players think that this is a distraction but most gamers think it enhances the game.

The conspicuous issues have been removed in Modern Warfare 2. Constant waypoints and spawning areas have been added. But there are still some small problems like an AI blocking your path, yet all in all it is a wonderful experience.

Modern Warfare 2 is best played with friends or random players online. The focus of single player aspect might have crumbled, but the co-op mode, the Spec Ops as is better known, still provide a great playing experience. It is team-play designed mode that is divided into 5 types with different missions. It is actually a major surprise among loyal fans of the Call of Duty franchise. It is a long-version upgrade of the game from the Arcade mode of the first Modern Warfare and is very entertaining. The Spec-ops give the players a new area of excitement; some even get a chopper-ride, while others go for the gunship. The focus of Spec-Ops is co-op play so there’s a colossal need to develop team play. Spec-ops end in a more dramatic fashion with its cinematic approach, leaving you with a kind of anti-climactic desire to have more.

The last mode of the game is the multiplayer. This is the last aspect of the Modern Warfare 2 with a highly-improved form in its visual and graphics aspects. It is more astonishing this time, as the creators of the game also made it a point to use the feedback system to create an overall balance in the multiplayer mode. This mode has some new weapons, as well as returning weapons. The strategic aspect, which has always been one of the trademarks that the game boasts about, is still very much around and kicking.

For players out there who are much interested to own this game, it is available in PC, Xbox and PS3 platform. The creators have attempted to create all three platforms with the same capabilities, as much as they could. There are limitations, however. The Xbox and PC alike are somewhat limited in their performance. The PC has a few restrictions; too, such as having too many players (say, 32 players) reduces its playability. Overall, Modern Warfare 2 looks like it’s gearing towards becoming one of the greatest games – if it is not already.

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November 10, 2009

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