Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition - Wii Cheats


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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Wii unlockables.

First complete the Campaign mode on any difficulty level to unlock the cheat menu found below .
The cheat menu is available under "Options" in the pause menu.
Find Intel pieces to unlock the following cheats.

A Bad Year Find 15 Intel
Cluster Bombs Find 10 Intel
CoD Noir Find 02 Intel
Infinite Ammo Find 30 Intel
Paintball Find 08 Intel
Photo-Negative Find 04 Intel
Slow-Mo Ability Find 20 Intel
Super Contrast Find 06 Intel

Golden Guns. Complete the following actions unlock the corresponding weapons:-

Golden AK-47 Complete all Assault Rifle Challenges
Golden Desert Eagle Reach Level 55 Commander
Golden Dragunov Complete all Sniper Challenges
Golden M1014 Complete all Shotgun Challenges
Golden M60E4 Complete all LMG Challenges
Golden Mini-Uzi Complete all SMG Challenges

Arcade Mode Beat the game to unlock Arcade Mode.