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November 11, 2008

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One of the all time greatest first person shooter games. All new fun and exciting storyline that will hold your attention. Awesome multiplayer mode where you can take on your friends.

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by Activision
Release Date: 11/08/2011

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Nothing innovative has been done with the Call of Duty franchise; World at War has a familiar setting, familiar game mechanics, familiar weaponry, and familiar excellent multiplayer system. It is a lot like its predecessor Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The gritty story is still exciting nevertheless, and boasts the same robust, addictive multiplayer system. The real deal here is the expansion of the multiplayer mode which now allows 4 players to play in the campaign. World at War takes place during the World War II, and though there is nothing new, it will manage to fill up the appetite of voracious shooters.

You begin as a despaired and weaponless soldier, with the sense that impending doom is just right around the corner. The 1st few levels are difficult to win over, but as you go on through the game, you win territories for your country as well as push closer to the enemies’ capitals. You will be accompanied in every level by a superior officer who delivers the mission well.

There are 2 new weapons in World at War: bayonets and flamethrowers. These 2 you use to dispatch the enemy in the canals and trenches, and fend off raiders. The enduing explosions and gunfire will cause the enemies to lose a lot of blood and limbs in the process, more than what Modern Warfare has delivered actually. In between the stabbing and burning, there is still action to do as you crouch and pick off enemies using your rifle. Nothing new here, but it is well – tuned and still exciting.

The differences come in the form of a 2 – player split screen mode and a 4 – player online cooperative campaign mode. The campaign is essentially the same as the single – player mode only that the number of enemies’ increases with every player that joins in. a competitive scoring mode can be turned on to see who has the most points by killing foes or reviving allies. By sticking to the Call of Duty’s tried – and – tested formula for warfare, World at War has managed to become an exciting multiplayer game.

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November 11, 2008

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