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June 30, 2009

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Debuting on PlayStation 3, the Call of Juarez story steps a generation back in time with Bound in Blood, a prequel to the original game. Set 20 years earlier, the adventure stars Ray and Thomas McCall, two brothers from Atlanta, in their prime, fighting for the Confederate army in the War Between the States. As the game begins, tragedy tears them from the war and their home. Ray and Thomas face a full complement of classic Western scenarios, duels, jailbreaks, gunfights, horseback battles, stagecoach chases, and more as they travel from Georgia to Mexico, on a quest for a pile of cursed gold. Weapons in the game are slightly more reliable and easy to use than era-accurate, and the game's gunplay was designed around giving the weapons a solid, authentic feel when fired. In addition to the single-player campaign, online multiplayer modes allow gamers to fight it out in cinema-inspired Western combat.

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Call of Juarez Bound in Blood is a prequel to 2007’s Call of Juarez, but what this game has delivered is nothing sorts of a prequel. It is an intense, captivating, and graphically great 1st person shooter game that has focused on the action part of the game. The shootouts will definitely make you relive the Old Western experience just like our good old ancestors did. The themes of honor, betrayal, greed, faith, and love are all tried and tested Western motifs that are evident in the game. Though nothing new is introduced, these themes provide a competitive narrative.

Ray and Thomas, the McCall Brothers, have transformed from honorable Confederate deserters to treasure hunters looking for a mythical treasure. Ray is the brute and greedy brother while Thomas is the gold hearted but violent brother. The brothers have different abilities: Ray can dual wield his pistols, throw explosives in the air, break down doors - essentially all things violent and destructive in nature while Thomas is an expert in a variety of weaponry. He is the master of the rifle, lethal with a bow, can lasso his way up to high places, and kill stealthily with knives.

For most of the part, you can choose as either Ray or Thomas when playing. Once you have chosen, he will be your character for the whole game which means there are two ways to play the game. Makes up for the puny 7 hour game play.

By no means is that 7 hour boring! The game play is intensely flowing with intense shootouts, large set pieces, and one on one gun duels, with the gun duels as the boss matches. Duel controls are precise, and you'll never feel like they're preventing you from winning a quick draw. It is nerve-racking most of the time, and you'll probably die plenty of times before you get the timing of a draw right.

Call of Juarez Bound in Blood is a real piece of eye candy, and this great fact is complemented by the equally great audio that comes with it. The voice acting is almost perfect as well. The game has its share of downfalls due to the short game time but who would resist a great and different shooter experience, right?

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June 30, 2009

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