Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow DS User Review

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Lowly Worm

Nintendo DS


The main character of Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow is Soma Cruz; a young adventurer who evaded the fate of becoming the next Dracula in Aria of Sorrow. Due to the expectance of his fate, Soma is then attacked by strong minions of Dracula for his blood in order to revive the dark lord themselves. However, Soma is not the typical youngster who runs away from trouble, instead; he hunts the evil minions down and makes sure that no monsters will be revived.

The setting of this game takes place right in Dracula’s lair. Just like the old version of this game, you will have to start with weapons that do not do damage to monsters but that is Castlevania for you right! However, as you go along the game and gain experience from each levels as well as kill strong monsters; you will be granted with better and a stronger items to defeat evil. In addition to the items and skills you will be gaining, you can also gain stats as you level up- like attack rate, defense, strength, intelligence, luck, and so on. Everything that you will need in order to be even with the dark lord’s powers himself.

Mechanics of the game is to slay all monsters that you can see. After you kill each monster, you can collect their souls and use them for a new ability. There will be a lot of variations of souls that you can collect to grant you special powers. Important souls are equipped within this game like ability souls which are taken from boss monsters- these souls will help you progress through a certain level. What are the abilities and skills you say? Well, some skills and abilities are the double jump and break crystal blocks along the way which are essential for certain levels.

Apparently, all the stuff that is presented in this version is the same as the previous 2D Castlevania game; however, this version enables you to use the touch-screen functionality of the Nintendo DS. You can break blocks, jump heights and slay monster by just touching the screen.