Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia - DS

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October 21, 2008

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This is another great Castlevania game. There are variety of special powers in which you will be able to use. All new fun and exciting gameplay.

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The level of its design does away with backtracking and has creatures that are repulsive and killing them is great fun here. The environments and the music combine to make a good mood for the game. There is a variety of boss battles and the combat system is flexible and rewarding. However the game too has its demerits like the boss fighting can be way too severe. It's almost like give me a freaking break! You will also find the enemy scenes repeated at some point. This can be monotonous and boring.

Ecclesia is an amazing game which takes you through the decaying ruins of the world. You will encounter a brutal boss at some point and since you are not familiar with Castlevania this may be hectic for the first timers. The story rotates around Dracula and you will have to hunt this blood sucking vampire down. You are Shanoa and not part of the Belmont clan. You will therefore not have access to Draculas whip. You will have to steal magic from the bodies of the defeated enemies in form of glyph. The glyphs are either in the form of weapons such as swords, and also powerful magic charms. You will therefore be able to pass through walls, and even have bat like abilities.

You will have to test the best and most powerful combinations of the glyph, you need to also bear in mind that the enemies have resistance to some weapons. You will therefore not rely on one powerful glyph. The ultra pieces controls have the task of bringing the complicated system together. The journey you are setting in is broken into levels. Plowing through the levels with little deviation as well as using revisiting stages is to collect glyphs. When you plow through the rescued villagers you are assured of new equipment and new items available in the store. As you move on, you will discover unseen sections and new creatures.

The brutal boss challenges are the most memorable confrontations. The first is usually a push over that allows you to feel like a mighty slayer as you throw your dagger all over searching for the monster. After dying one or two times, the bosses have specific patterns and you will find their health then leads to dragged fights. It gets very tedious when you are asked to perform a dodge technique for over ten minutes. Those older bosses are much fair but they are still dangerous because the serve as terrifying roadblocks and they will bring to a stop your progress before you can master their attack patterns.

The enemies will be hopefully creeping, floating and ranging with their heads and their long tongues out. The bosses are huge and commanding as they scream at the same time spewing out gastric juices. The environments ion Castlevania march the game: scary. The fog in some of the areas in the game make you shiver with fear as they obscure your vision and underwater is perfect for the breeding of these evil creatures. The wide variety of graphics is seen as you cross the lands in pursue of the enemies. Watching Castlevania will make you wish Dracula would and his company would never land on earth, however it is a game worth watching and playing.

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October 21, 2008

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