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100 Classic Books DS Unlockables

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100 Classic Books DS Unlockables

You need to read any number of the titles below to unlock these features. For those simply wishing to unlock, simply open the book, use the menu to go to the chapter list, go the last chapter, and skip to the final page. Turning on the page number option in the options menu is advised for this.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Credits "book" Read 10 books.
Classic II Reading BGM Read Credits Book

Cheats & Unlockables

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LEGO Batman DS Cheats & Unlockables.

Unlock Azrael and Huntress

To unlock Azrael and Huntress, you need to finish the entire game (all three chapters).
After the game's ending credits, return to the batcave and both characters will be
unlocked and made available to purchase.

Unlockable	                How to Unlock
Azrael (1,500,000 studs) Finish the game
Huntress (200,000 studs) Finish the game

All extras

At the main menu, press Up, Down, L, R, L, R, L, Left, Right, X(2), Y(2), B(2), L, Up, Down,
L, R, L, R, Up(2), Down, Start, Select to unlock all extras. If you entered the code correctly,
you will hear a sound.

All episodes and Free Play mode

At the main menu, press Right, Up, R, L, X, Y, Right, Left, B, L, R, L, Down(2), Up, Y(2), X(2),
B(2), Up(2), L, R, Start, Select to unlock all episodes and Free Play mode. If you entered the code
correctly, you will hear a sound.

All characters

At the main menu, press X, Up, B, Down, Y, Left, Start, Right, R(2), L, R(2), Down(2), Up, Y(3),
Start, Select to unlock all characters. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

+1 million Studs

At the main menu, press X, Y, B(2), Y, X, L(2), R(2), Up, Down, Left, Right, Start, Select.
If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

+3 million Studs

At the main menu, press Up(2), B, Down(2), X, Left(2), Y, L, R, L, R, B, Y, X, Start, Select.
If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Unlock Villain Hunt minigame

To unlock Villain Hunt minigame, finish all Villain chapters with True Villain status for every
story mode level. After completing all Villain chapters, Villain Hunt mode will be unlocked and
accessible from the batcave computer.

Chop Shop Guide

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Saints Row Chop Shop Guide:

The Chop Shop in Saints Row is one of the most original parts of the game. This sub-activity involves collecting cars, to be dropped off at specific Chop Shop garages, in ret urn for money and respect. These cars range from extremely common to frustratingly rare to find, and many only appear at certain times in the game or certain areas of Stilwater. In addition to this, some cars require modifications that you’ll need to purchase at Rim Jobs Car Mechanics. This guide will give you tips and tactics about how and where to find the rarest cars and ways to increase the likelihood of them spawning so you can get some major respect as well as earn the achievement for completing all three Chop Shop activities.

General Tips:

Once you activate each of the three activities by visiting the Chop Shops and watching the cut scenes, you will be able to access the lists of cars you need and the respective Chop Shop you should deliver it to in the Start menu. As well as this, you can add a specific car to your HUD so when one is nearby, a small icon will appear on your radar – this can be very useful to have open for a particularly rare car if you’re just cruising. Don’t worry about protecting the car’s condition either, this won’t affect the amount of respect or money you get for completing the activity. One last thing to note is some cars that have been pre-modded (eg. Gang-specific cars) are unable to be turned in for Chop Shop purposes.

Docks & Warehouses Chop Shop:

This is easiest Chop Shop in my opinion, and your total haul for delivering all the vehicles reflects this at just $7750. Based in the South East of the map near the Factories District, it isn’t exactly accessible, but most of the cars required for it can be found locally.

Car 1: Reaper
Mods Required: None
Location Provided: Airport District
Chop Shop Value: $1500
The Reaper is found most frequently at night, and the airport district is just one of many locations it can be found. It is rare that you’ll see a moving Reaper in my experience – normally they’re parked somewhere. Another way to get a Reaper is to play the first three Vice Kings hi-jacking missions, and then cancel on the third one after you catch up with the target.

Car 2: Ambulance
Mods Required: None
Location Provided: Unkown
Chop Shop Value: $1000
This one is without a doubt the easiest delivery. Just get out your phone and dial 911 right outside the Docks & Warehouses Chop Shop and within moments an Ambulance should pull up. Kill the driver and deliver it – job done.

Car 3: Destiny
Mods Required: None
Location Provided: Barrio District
Chop Shop Value: $750
Destiny’s can be found anywhere, and they’re fairly common, but they are even more prominent in Barrio. If you’re having any trouble finding one just head to Barrio and drop it off at the Docks for a small earner.

Car 4: Taxi
Mods Required: Street Hood
Location Provided: Barrio District
Chop Shop Value: $750
Like the Destiny, Taxi’s are fairly common and even more so in Barrio. Once you find one get to the nearest mechanic and apply a Street Hood for a couple of hundred dollars, drop it off at the Docks, and you’re half way to getting all the Docks cars. This is easy…isn’t it?

Car 5: Slingshot
Mods Required: Stylish Hood
Location Provided: Docks And Warehouse District
Chop Shop Value: $750
These are generally dotted around, not too hard to find. They don’t seem anymore common in the Docks over anywhere else in the city to me, but search there first as its local to the Chop Shop.

Car 6: Bootlegger
Mods Required: Hot Rood Hood
Location Provided: Factories District
Chop Shop Value: $1000
These are hard to find anywhere other than in the Factories District, so head straight there in search of one. You’re unlikely to have any luck elsewhere. Have the car on your HUD if you’re having any problems and you should eventually find one – they seem to appear more frequently at night.

Car 7: Compton
Mods Required: Muscle Hood, Stylish Rims
Location Provided: Factories District
Chop Shop Value: $1000
These aren’t that common, unless you’re stirring some trouble with the Vice Kings. As a Vice Kings gang car, the easiest way to get hold of one is to go out and kill some of their gang members to boost your gang notoriety. Then you should get some of them showing up in Comptons at which point you can steal one, make any mods you need to, and deliver it for a cool grand.

Car 8: La Fuerza
Mods Required: Hot Rod Hood, Low-rider Rims
Location Provided: Airport District
Chop Shop Value: $1000
These are rare. I’ve not seen one just cruising. As with the Compton, however, it is a gang car, only with the Los Carnales. You might need to raise your gang notoriety much more significantly than you did for the Compton before one shows up. Once it does though, steal it and modify it to complete the Docks & Warehouses Chop Shop. You’re rewarded with a unique Hollywood Los Carnales car once you’ve delivered all 8 Docks cars.

Downtown Chop Shop:

Downtown Chop Shop provides much more of a challenge than Docks. A total of $16500 is up for grabs if you can get hold of these eight cars.

Car 1: Cavallaro
Mods Required: None
Location Provided: Downtown District
Chop Shop Value: $500
Easy. Common throughout the city and a mainstream Los Carnales gang car. You should have no problem finding one of these.

Car 2: Quota
Mods Required: None
Location Provided: High End Retail
Chop Shop Value: $1000
Much more commonly found during the day, in the north of the city. As long as you’re not hunting at night for one, you should be able to get your hands on one pretty straightforwardly.

Car 3: FBI
Mods Required: None
Location Provided: Unkown
Chop Shop Value: $5000
Even though this can be something of a pain, $5000 is a hefty reward for delivering it. I got this one by getting a five star rating (either in a mission or by wreaking some havoc) and then driving to a Forgive and Forget. Make sure you have a strong car otherwise you might get taken down by the cops before you are forgiven. Once you exit Forgive and Forget there should be some FBI cars in the general area that have been chasing you. Bag one and deliver it for a generous $5000.

Car 4: Keystone
Mods Required: Retro Spoiler
Location Provided: Suburbs District
Chop Shop Value: $500
I had a bit of trouble finding one of these, and there are a couple of different cars that look somewhat similar to it so try not to be fooled. In my experience they were no more common in the suburbs than anywhere else, so don’t waste your time there if you don’t find one. They tend to be more common in the day.

Car 5: Nordberg
Mods Required: Sport Spoiler
Location Provided: Museum District
Chop Shop Value: $2000
Most common in the North section of Stilwater, you shouldn’t have too many problems picking one of these up. Your gang, the 3rd Street Saints, use them as gang cars too, so watch out for moving purple dots on your radar if you’re having trouble. Deliver it, and you’ll net a cool two G’s.

Car 6: Nelson
Mods Required: Street Spoiler
Location Provided: Suburbs District
Chop Shop Value: $2500
Not terribly common, this is another Saints gang car that, providing you’ve played enough missions, should appear now and again. If you’re desperate, pick one up at Foreign Power in the Suburbs for $6000 and deliver it at a loss of $3500.

Car 7: Mag
Mods Required: Off Road 1 Bumpers, Off Road Rims
Location Provided: High End Retail
Chop Shop Value: $2500
This is the car driven by Benjamin King in the later Vice Kings missions, so you could always deliver it after completing the relevant mission (although its normally in a bad way by then so you’ll have to pay for repairs to fit the mods). They aren’t particularly common, and you won’t find them outside the north part of the island.

Car 8: Bulldog
Mods Required: Luxury Body Kit, Stylish 1 Rims
Location Provided: Museum District
Chop Shop Value: $2500
This Hummer-esque beast is a real toughie to find if you haven’t made much progression in the missions. If you’ve gained about 30 out of the 36 territories you should be able to find one of your gang members cruising in one with ease, as they become quite common, but earlier on the game your best bet is driving around the Museum District with the car on your HUD. I suggest waiting until you’ve made suitable progression in the main missions though, because then this becomes a helluva lot easier. Providing this is your last Downtown delivery, you will be rewarded with a unique Vice Kings Stilleto (not a shoe, a car!) on completion.

Chinatown Chop Shop:

You’ll bag $11,500 for delivering all of the cars on Chinatown Chop Shop’s list, which is a bit disappointing considering one of these is the Zenith. This is the hardest of the three Chop Shops to complete, but you’ll need to if you want to max out the game and get the Chop Shop achievement.

Car 1: Peterliner
Mods Required: None
Location Provided: Freeways District
Chop Shop Value: $1000
Just head straight to the motorways for this, as they are littered full of Peterliners. It doesn’t matter if you take one with or without a trailer, but for the ease of delivery I’d suggest taking a bare bones one. You shouldn’t have any problems for this one as long as you’re on the freeways in hunt of one.

Car 2: Nightingale
Mods Required: None
Location Provided: Airport District
Chop Shop Value: $1000
This is a toughie. A Nightingale is basically a big yellow fire engine, and it is often really difficult to find. I’ve found it’s more common that they appear after you’ve completed a larger portion of the single player story. You’ll need to go out as far as the runway in the Airport District in search of one. They spawn at completely random times and its unpredictable at what point you’ll get one, so if you’re local to the Airport, just go and have a check.

Car 3: Halberd
Mods Required: None
Location Provided: Apartments District
Chop Shop Value: $500
These are common during the day, but hard to find at night. I haven’t noticed a significant difference in the amount of Halberds in the Apartments District, so just have a cruise anywhere during the day and one should pop up.

Car 4: Westbury
Mods Required: Muscle Rims
Location Provided: Suburbs District
Chop Shop Value: $500
Definitely head for the Suburbs for this one, and I find the northern-most part of the Suburbs spawns more of these. Think relatively about this – it’s a family car, so it’s more likely to be around in the day when pimps aren’t roaming the streets. I’m totally serious.

Car 5: Varsity
Mods Required: Street Grill
Location Provided: Apartments District
Chop Shop Value: $500
These pickups are everywhere, not just apartments. I’ve seen loads in the Factories District in particular. You should have no troubles here.

Car 6: Raycaster
Mods Required: Racing Exhaust
Location Provided: Arena District
Chop Shop Value: $2000
You’d think this luxury car would be tough to get hold of, but it really isn’t. In the northwestern part of the city they are common. I’ve seen loads in the Suburbs District, probably more than the suggest district, Arena. If you’re really struggling take a $10000 loss and buy one for $12000 at Foreign Power, but you shouldn’t really need to.

Car 7: Attrazione
Mods Required: Sport Front Bumper, Convertible Roof
Location Provided: Unknown
Chop Shop Value: $3000
I got one of these fairly early on, parked in the Arena District, although I know for a fact that they are extremely rare. If you want a quick way out you’re gunna have to shell out $40000 at Foreign Power, so I’d suggest you hold out. If you find one, and think its so beautiful you want to keep it (it is) don’t worry about handing it over to the Chop Shop, as you’ll get one for completing a set of missions later in the game.

Car 8: Zenith
Mods Required: Racing Exhaust, Racing Convertible Roof
Location Provided: Unknown
Chop Shop Value: $3000
Even harder to come by than the Attrazione. You won’t see one of these just driving around. By completing the missions, you should get one in your garage, but these can’t be modified so you won’t be able to hand it in to the Chop Shop. Foreign Power sell them at $50000 a go, which is quite frankly a rip off, but they are really, really rare. I found my only Zenith parked in the Museum District at night, so it might be an idea to just have it added to your HUD, in case you catch a glimpse of one on your radar. Once you’ve delivered this one, the hardest Chop Shop car to come by, you’ll get a unique Westside Rollerz Ricochet as your reward – and it’s a hard-earned reward too.

That's it - you should have all 24 cars delivered, $35750 in cash from the activity, the rewarded cars, and the Chop Shop achievement. If you don't have them all yet, all I can say that I haven’t already is good luck and, most of all, enjoy it. I think this is the best sub-activity in the game and it kept me coming back for me way after completion of the core missions.

Play Hints

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Avoiding the Kryll:

In the second chapter of the game, you'll be swarmed by enemy kryll if you so much as set foot in the dark. To avoid being attacked, stay in the light at all times. When there's no light in sight, look for propane canisters you can blow up to create some flames that'll scare off the kryll.

Quick Reload:

When reloading your weapon, watch the upper-right corner of the screen for a meter that counts down. Press the reload button a second time when the meter's moving bar matches up with the stationary bar. This will give you a super fast reload and put you back in the fight quicker than normal. However, if you mis-time the second button press your reload will take longer than normal.

Regain Health:

Unlike most games, you can regain all of your health in Gears of War without the need for health packs. Simple stay in cover for a few seconds and watch as the bright-red gear in the center of the screen fades away. When the gear has comlpetely disappears, your health will be completely full.

Fighting the Wretches:

When fighting wretches--the small, shrieking enemies that don't use weapons--attack with melee strikes. The best melee strikes come from weapons other than your grenades and Lancer chainsaw rifle. The chainsaw attack is too slow to combat the swarming wretches, so stick to quick-hit melee punches for instant kills.

Finding Cog Tags:

There are thirty hidden Cog Tags scattered throughout the game. They're small and sometimes hard to find, but there's a a mark you can look out for that'll make finding the Cog Tags easier. Look for large, red Gear logos pasted on the walls--if you find a room with this large Gear logo, examine the room and you're sure to find a Cog Tag somewhere.

Berserker Beat Down (Then Beat Yourself Down):

To defeat the Beserker at the end of act one, simply dive to the side when she charges at you. Run through the doorway to your right and continue to the door at the end of the room and face your back to it. Get the Berserkers attention by shooting at her or revving the chainsaw then, dive away at the last moment when she charges causing her to break the door down for you.

How To Defeat General Raam:

In order to defeat Raam, you need to have grenades and a sniper rifle which is supplied in the center of the room before entering the boss arena. After entering the arena, stay behind the wall you ended the cut scene with. This is important because you need to maintain your distance from Raam. Also, it helps to command Don to "cease fire." This will make him run back towards you keeping him alive longer to distract Raam. The trick is to get Raam's swarm away from his body. In order to do this, you need to throw a grenade at Raam. If successful, the swarm will disperse giving you clear head shots using the sniper rifle. Repeat until he’s defeated. If you don't defeat Raam by the time he reaches your wall cover, move in the opposite direction he does and shoot when the swarm disperses. You will take damage from Raam’s machine gun, but you stay in the light which prevents the swarm from killing you.

Corpser Corpse:

When you are pitted against the Corpser in the Act 3 mines, there's a quick way to win. The Lancer's (chainsaw rifle) constant stream of fire makes it the weapon of choice here. Shoot at the belly of the Corpser, working any angle you can between its legs. If you hit the belly a few times, it will lift it's front legs and expose it's face. Immediately fire up at it's face and chin. It will shriek and move back.
Hurry, move up grab ammo and repeat. If you don't move fast enough wretches will arrive in waves and make things ten times harder. You must hit the Corpser's face three times. You'll back it up onto a platform with two destructable joints. They're lit up and on the ground. Shoot them both and the Corpser will plunge into the Imulsion liquid. If you're quick enough you can kill the corpser before any wretches arrive.

Wretched Fun:

Wretches are most annoying since they swarm your soldier and kill him almost instantly on medium and hard. The best method to deal with them is with a shotgun or the alien repeater, since those weapons let you slug them without the dangerous downtime of the chainsaw. The shotgun is the best for the in-close situation, since you can forego the left trigger and hip fire the shotgun quickly to catch the wretches as they hop around. Smacking them if they get close is the only way to counter, short of using A to dodge.

Advantage Co-Op:

The best way to defeat General Raam on Insane is to go with co-op. You have twice the smart firepower allowing one person get the Torque Bow and the other the sniper rifle. The bow carrying player should have at least ten arrows. The Torque Bow is the only weapon other than the grenades that will hurt the boss seriously when he has his Kryll shield. The explosion of the tips will also send the Kryll flying, allowing your partner to get in a nice head shot with the sniper rifle for a good one-two combo.

Cluster Kill Achievement:

To get the achievement killing three enemies at once ten times, go to the stage Act 3 - Evolution and locate the area of the Imulsion plant where the guy gets killed when he falls through the rotten wood floor. Take along at least one grenade and simply follow the dead guy down a hole (or any hole, if you step in the wrong spot). Run around the cellar until you think you have enough enemies following (meaning at least three running after you), tag one with a grenade melee attack. If you die, that's perfect, since you restart right at the checkpoint of that room and do it again. Achievement progress are independent of game progress. If not, reload the checkpoint and do it again.

SSX On Tour PSP Cheats

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SSX On Tour PSP Cheats

Enter these Cheat codes by selecting "Cheats" from the "Extras" Menu.

Infinite Boost ZOOMJUICE
Snowball Fight LETSPARTY
Unlock Characters ROADIERROUNDUP

Unlock Conrad (The MiniViking) BIGPARTYTIME
Unlock Mitch Koobski (The Unicorn) MOREFUNTHANONE
Unlock Nigel (Rocker) THREEISACROWD
Unlock Ski Patrol Character FOURSOME

Guitar Hero Metallica Wii Cheats

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Guitar Hero Metallica Wii Cheats

At the main menu, select "Options", "Cheats", "Enter New Cheat", then enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding cheat option. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear.

Always Slide
Press Green(2), Red(2), Yellow, Red, Yellow, Blue. This mode turns all guitar notes (not chords) into touch pad sliding notes connected by purple lines. It has no effect online.

Always Drum Fill
Press Red(3), Blue(2), Green(2), Yellow.

Auto Kick
Press Yellow, Green, Red, Blue(4), Red. This mode automatically plays the bass pedal for the drummer. It has no effect online.

Hyperguitar, Hyperbass, and Hyperdrums
Press Green, Blue, Red, Yellow(2), Red, Green(2).

Line 6 Effects
Press Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green to unlock additional Line 6 effects in the Music Studio.

Performance mode
Press Yellow(2), Blue, Red, Blue, Green, Red(2).

Metallica Costumes
Press Green, Red, Yellow, Blue(2), Yellow, Red, Green.

Invisible Rocker
Press Green, Red, Yellow(3), Blue(2), Green.

Air Instruments
Press Red(2), Blue, Yellow, Green(3), Yellow.

Black Highway
Press Yellow, Red, Green, Red, Green, Red(2), Blue.

Flame Color
Press Green, Red, Green, Blue, Red(2), Yellow, Blue.

Gem Color
Press Blue, Red(2), Green, Red, Green, Red, Yellow.

Star Color
Press Red(2), Yellow, Red, Blue, Red, Red, Blue.

Vocal Fireball
Press Red, Green(2), Yellow, Blue, Green, Yellow, Green.

Guitar Hero Metallica Wii Unlockables

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Guitar Hero Metallica Wii Unlockables

Bonus Characters

Successfully complete the indicated task in Career mode to unlock the corresponding character.

James Hetfield: Get 100 stars on vocals.
James Hetfield (Classic): Get 150 stars on vocals.
James Hetfield (Zombie): Get 200 stars on vocals.
King Diamond: Successfully complete the "Evil" song with any instrument.
Kirk Hammet: Get 100 stars on guitar.
Kirk Hammet (Classic): Get 150 stars on guitar.
Kirk Hammet (Zombie): Get 200 stars on guitar.
Lars Ulrich: Get 100 stars on drums.
Lars Ulrich (Classic): Get 150 stars on drums.
Lars Ulrich (Zombie): Get 200 stars on drums.
Lemmy: Successfully complete the "Ace Of Spades" song with any instrument.
Marcus Fretshreder: Get 55 stars on guitar.
Matty Cannz: Get 55 stars on drums.
Riki Lee: Get 55 stars on vocals.
Rob Trujillo: Get 100 stars on bass.
Rob Trujillo (Classic): Get 150 stars on bass.
Rob Trujillo (Zombie): Get 200 stars on bass.
Shirley Crowley: Get 55 stars on bass.
Zach Harmon: Get 100 stars in a band.
Zach Harmon (Classic): Get 150 stars in a band.
Zach Harmon (Zombie): Get 200 stars in a band.

Bonus Instruments

Successfully complete the indicated task in Career mode to unlock the corresponding instrument:

Klown bass: Get 45 stars on bass.
Mean Green bass: Get 25 stars on bass.

Bonus Songs

Successfully complete the indicated task in Career mode to unlock the corresponding song:

"Broken, Beat & Scarred": Successfully complete "The Thing That Should Not Be" song with any instrument.
"Cyanide": Successfully complete "The Thing That Should Not Be" song with any instrument.
"My Apocalypse": Successfully complete "The Thing That Should Not Be" song with any instrument.

Call of Duty Black Ops PS3 Terminal Access

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Call of Duty Black Ops PS3 Terminal Access Cheat Codes

Access the Central Intelligence Agency Data System. Enter "login" as a command. You will then be prompted to login with an account. Use one of the following usernames and passwords. After you can then go ahead and access their documents with the "dir" command and e-mail with the "mail" command.

Person Username Password
Adrienne Smith asmith roxy
Alex Mason amason password
Bruce Harris bharris goskins
D. King dking mfk
Frank Woods fwoods philly
Grigori gweaver gedeon
J. Turner Jturne condor75
Jason Hudson jhudson bryant1950
John McCone jmccone berkley22
Joseph Bowman jbowman uwd
John F. Kennedy jfkennedy lancer
Lyndon Johnson lbjohnson ladybird
Richard Nixon rnixon checkers
Richard Helms rhelms lerosey
Richard Kain rkain sunwu
Ryan Jackson rjackson saintbridget
T. Walker twalker radi0
Terrance Brooks tbrooks lauren
Vannevar Bush vbush manhattan
William Raborn wraborn bromlow

Call of Duty Black Ops PS3 Cheats

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CIA Database Computer Codes

Go to the main menu and press L2 and R2 buttons repeatedly. After about four to five times for each button, you will break free from the interrogation chair you were placed in. When you finally get up, walk around behind you to the computer. After you access it, use the enter following using the on-screen keyboard.

Cheat Effect
DOA Activates Dead Ops Arcade
3ARC INTEL Unlocks all Intel in the game for viewing
3ARC UNLOCK Unlocks Dead Ops Arcade and Presidential Zombie Mode
CAT It will list all you audio files and pictures

DIR Gives a list of audio files and pictures which you can open with the CAT
command (e.g. CAT NoteX.txt)

HELP Displays a list of system commands in the terminal and
Pentagon user e-mail access.

ZORK Unlocks Zork I: The Great Underground Adventure (a text
adventure game from 1980) for play in Black Ops

WHO Gives a list of login names for use with the RLOGIN function (but they
require a password)

Alicia Virtual Therapist Software

TYPE "NAMEOFFILE.EXTENSION" To view a file in a directory using the TYPE

LS To List a directory (same as DIR but for LINUX)


MAIL Shows List of CIA E-mail

HELLO Hello Brother, Hello Nurse, Hello Sailor

Dead or Alive 4 Classics Xbox 360 Cheats

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Dead or Alive 4 Classics Xbox 360 Cheats

Change various facial and other aspects of a characters

First select a character, but instead of pressing the A button again, press X, Y, or Start and it will show the character (however it will not show the changes). press A again to start the match.

These changes are mainly face related things, like hair style, hats, masks and so fourth. Not all characters have three different things, or necessarily any changes at all.

Level Effects Change

Just like with the costumes, pressing the X or Y at the level select screen will change effect of the level. For example it will turn off explosive ropes on the Wrestling Ring for example.

Unlock Tatami Stage

Get all costumes and complete each character's exercise (including unlockables) to get access to the Tatami stage for use outside of Sparring mode, this will only work if the outlined achievements are obtained.

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